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38m Pinisi AMANDIRA - Kasten Marine Design, Inc. - Photo Courtesy of Jacques Gast  36m KLM Dunia Baru - Kasten Marine Design, Inc. - Photo by Dennis Anderson  

Modern Classic Yacht Design

My specialty is custom yacht design, from concept to launch. 

Strength, safety, comfort, performance, style, grace... the essential attributes of a yacht.  Whether built in wood, steel, aluminum or composite, those qualities shape my "Modern Classic" design strategy. 

My mission is to combine an owner's wishes with graceful aesthetics, human-friendly design, competent analysis, maximum performance, robust structure, and classic form. I offer a high degree of creativity in pursuit of solutions to client requests.  I view this as the essence of good design.  See the Custom Design article for more information.

See the Site Map for a complete index to over 250 web pages that include yacht designs and articles about boats and boating.

Advanced 3D Modeling and Analysis

By using computer aided modeling a yacht design can be created with optimum aesthetics, structure, performance, stability and seakeeping. Using the same digital model, the structural parts of the vessel can be defined for CNC cutting. 

CNC cutting delivers a more accurate and higher quality structure at a more favorable cost than would be possible using manual lofting and cutting methods. 

See the Design Stream article for a detailed outline of my design development process. 

44' Schooner REDPATH Under Sail - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.  24' Tug Yacht - BOOJUM on Puget Sound, Washington.  

Here my pretty,
I launch you proudly
Until some vagrant zephyr
Strays this way
To fill your sails
And waft you hence.
        - Krazy Kat, 1918    

How inappropriate
to call this planet "Earth,"
when it is quite clearly...
        - Arthur C. Clarke, 2001  

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