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73' to 130' Charter Yacht Prototypes


73' Schooner - Caribe - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Perspective Aft | Perspective Forward | Perspective Portside

73' Caribe

Shown above and among the links below that image is the preliminary model of a classic fast sailing charter yacht in aluminum. Intended for the shoal waters of the Caribbean, the interior is quite generous.

Interior Layout: A brief walk-through of the interior is as follows:

The forward most cabin has its own entrance via the forward scuttle. There are two cabins aft of that with a long'l bulkhead down the middle, and berths outboard. Doors lead aft from those cabins to the saloon, which is off to port. To starb'd is a fourth guest cabin. Each of the guest cabins has an en-suite head compartment, shower, sink, etc. and a full size double / queen berth.

Aft of the saloon / fourth cabin is a large U-shaped galley to port, and a nav station is opposite that to starb'd. The aft end of the galley / nav station is at the aft end of the forward cabin. A bulkhead there separates the engine room from the rest. The engine room is thus below the 'midships deck. Entry to the engine room is provided adjacent to the companionway ladder leading up to the 'midship deck.

At the deck step begins an owner's cabin aft, with large double berth, writing desk and en-suite head / shower. Access to the owner's cabin is provided at the forward end of the aft cabin.

Naturally we can detail the interior alternately as needed. At this size a number of alternate arrangements are possible. One very good change might be to enlarge the saloon by eliminating the fourth stateroom. This would allow the saloon to span the full width of the ship, and it could be less long fore-and-aft.

That would allow the other three staterooms to become larger and more luxurious, so there would be larger berths, maybe a writing table and a more spacious head and shower compartment.

Exterior Layout: A cockpit is located on the aft deck for sailing. A 'midships 'guest cockpit' is located in the 'midships deck (foot well and coamings, etc.). There is a 'midships hard dodger / mini deck house planned, which ideally would have an appearance similar to that given to the Shiraz ( or the Lucille (, but with an open aft end.

The idea in this case however is that the dodger would only cover about 1/3 the length of the 'midships deck. Shelter from the wind, but still outdoors...!Ketch rig, or schooner... either rig would be very fine. The preliminary concept is for schooner rig. Preliminary hydrostatics for the 73' Caribe are as follows:

Displacement 92,644 lb
Draft 6 ft
Lwl 62.7 ft
Beam 17 ft
Preliminary Sail Area Target 2,400 sq ft
73' Schooner Caribe - Kasten Marine Design

130' Caribe

As with any other design in these web pages, the Caribe type can be enlarged or made smaller to suit another purpose or another set of personal requirements. For example, if Caribe were stretched to 130' on deck, preliminary particulars would be as follows:

Displacement 280 Long Tons
Draft 12.8 ft
Lwl 114 ft
Beam 30 ft

130' Caribe - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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Also see the 55' Schooner Josephine - very similar to the Caribe series but intended for steel construction.

For further information about this series of prototypes please inquire.