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The Expeditionary Motor Yacht


130' Motor Yacht Jeanne V
Perspective Forward | Perspective Aft | Multi View Lines Perspective


The intent of this design study has been to create an expeditionary long range yacht, with the primary requirements of comfort and safety for offshore voyaging. At 130 feet overall length, there is no shortage of accommodation space for an extended family.


The pilot house deck is extended forward in order to provide a large exterior bridge area forward of the pilot house. Inside, just aft of the piloting area is a comfortable lounge, plus a sleeping cabin and head for those on watch. Aft, the pilot house deck is kept open in order to serve as a boat deck or heli-port.

The main deck accommodations include a master suite right forward, a galley and dining area amidships, and a generous saloon aft. Walking aft and out of the saloon, there is a covered and well protected aft cockpit deck. A passerelle extends from the stern, and is accessed via a gate in the bulwark aft. The passerelle is extended to either side as well as aft, allowing access to the vessel with either a Mediterranean style mooring or a side tie.

Below, there is an amidships engine space, with laundry and other utility spaces extending aft to the lazarette. Within the lazarette is a clean storage area, and access to the steering rams. Forward of amidships below are the guest cabins, plus a crew galley and accommodation forward. The fo'c's'l is of a generous size, and contains the anchoring gear, rode, dock lines and so forth. A "double bottom" area below the lower cabins contains the vessel's tankage, as well as a mechanical alleyway down the center.


The Jeanne V is intended to comply with international rules regarding structure, safety, and stability. Structure is ordinarily planned according to the ABS scantling rule for Motor Pleasure Yachts, and stability is ordinarily according to IMO requirements for offshore vessels, including the extended weather criteria.

The Jeanne V is ideally suited to being built with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. This confers a combination of extreme ruggedness, ease of construction, and a favorable overall weight distribution for the sake of stability and economy of propulsion.

Interior materials have been chosen to provide lightness in weight, as well as an air of traditional elegance. For an extended family or for a couple who enjoy a lot of entertaining, the Jeanne V will provide a unique combination of ruggedness, seaworthiness, sea-kindliness, along with a generous measure of traditional grace and a taste of luxury.


The preliminary Jeanne V design has a working displacement of 660,000 pounds, a draft of 11 feet, a waterline length of 121 feet, and a beam of 27.5 feet. The cabins provide 6' - 10" of standing headroom throughout, including the mechanical spaces.

Below are several preliminary calculation results for the Jeanne V design. in the extremely 'light ship' condition

Length Waterline: 118.3 Ft
Hull & Keel Draft: 9.8 Ft
Beam Waterline: 26.9 Ft
Light Ship Displacement: 537,425 Lb
Light Ship Displacement to Length (D/L): 145

Displacement Hull Speed in Knots: 14.6 Knots
Approximate Engine HP for Displ. Speed: Approximately 1,466 HP

Theoretical Max Achievable S/L: 1.758
Theoretical Max Achievable Speed: 19 Knots
Theoretical Engine HP Required for Max S/L: Approximately 2,400 HP

Efficient Voyaging Speed (S/L 1.15): 12.5 Knots
Miles in One Day at S/L 1.15: 300 NM
Theoretical Engine HP at S/L 1.15: Approximately 665 HP

You will note that the vessel is quite light. Thus after considering D/L, we find that the hull should be able to exceed the typically assumed hull speed of (L^.5)*1.34 by quite a margin. Preliminary calcs yield a variety of HP and speed possibilities. We would probably aim for around 15 knots and a maximum of around 1,500 hp in the 'light ship' condition. At the working displacement however, we would aim toward slightly greater HP, or we would tolerate a slightly lesser top speed.

Note that above all these are highly preliminary calcs, which would be refined considerably in the final design according to the requirements of the interior, equipment, machinery, tankage and myriad other considerations.


Jeanne V is a truly classic 'expeditionary' motor yacht for world cruising - one that will stand the test of time in terms of style and comfort both inside and out.  For more information on this or other motor yacht designs please inquire.