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Metal Boat Quarterly Index

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Guide to MBQ Issues #1 to #23

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Michael Kasten

During my tenure as editor of the Metal Boat Quarterly (Fall 1994 to Fall 2000) my goal was to provide accurate, up-to-date information on designing, building, and maintaining metal boats of all kinds, and on metals in the marine environment, including the writings of professional boat designers and builders. My goal was to include content that would appeal not only to amateur back-yard boat builders, but also to professional builders and yacht designers - in other words, to focus on the "big picture" rather than just the nuts and bolts of backyard boatbuilding.

Under revolving editorship starting with the Winter 2001 issue #24 the Metal Boat Quarterly now has a new format, a glossy cover, more pages, photographs and primary colors. With that the MBQ has returned to its prior focus: the nuts and bolts of 'backyard' amateur metal boat building.

The following index is a complete guide to Metal Boat Quarterly issues #1 through #23. Note that there are two free downloads available as PDF files further down on this page. They are the two Metal Boat Quarterly Special Issues authored by Michael Kasten, called the Marine Metals Reference, and Corrosion, Zincs and Bonding. Links have been provided below to several of the articles and boat designs featured in Issues #1 through #23 of the MBQ. Also see several of the Editorials that appeared in those MBQ issues

To order back issues of the Metal Boat Quarterly, to receive the new Metal Boat Quarterly, and for Metal Boat Society membership, please see our Metal Boat Society page for updated contact information.

The excellent graphic below was created by Joaquin Silva for the 1999 MBS Festival, a rendition of my 32' Tug Yacht Terrier design.

1999 Metal Boat Society Festival Poster - Joaquin Silva


Winter 1995 - No. 1

Editorial: The New Metal Boat Quarterly - Michael Kasten
An Update From Our Mentor - Thomas E. Colvin
A Designer's Philosophy - John Atkin
"Little Maid of Kent" a Story - Michael Kasten
Two Schooners - Designs by John Atkin
Cutting Torch Basics - Pete Silva

Spring 1995 - No. 2

Editorial: What Tradition Has to Offer - Michael Kasten
Boating & The Internet - Jon Gribskov
Jean's Journey - Jean Colvin
"Cherub" - A Design by Weston Farmer
Perelandra's Progress: New Zealand Arrival - LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Summer 1995 - No. 3

Editorial: The Naval Architecture of Voyaging - Michael Kasten
Protecting Aluminum - Michael Kasten
43' Cutter "Ruarri" - A Design by George Buehler
48' Cruise Tug "Loon Point" - A Design by Scott Sprague
A Dream Comes True - John Watts

Fall 1995 - No. 4

Editorial: Why We Like Boats - Michael Kasten
The Pros and Cons of "Bilge Fins" - Ted Brewer
"Zephyr" a 42' Ketch for Voyaging - A Design by Michael Kasten
"Beyond" An Early Alloy Yacht - A Design by Laurent Giles

Winter 1996 - No. 5

Editorial: The Right Stuff - Michael Kasten
Engine Horsepower & Boat Size - Thomas E. Colvin
The Ethics of Changing a Design - John Atkin & Michael Kasten
Amos Brown & Florence Oakland - Two Designs by John Atkin
Windspirit - A Design by John Anderson
Perils of Perelandra: New Zealand Haulout - LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Spring 1996 - No. 6 (Click for MBQ #6 Cover)

Editorial: The Cabin Boat Primer - Michael Kasten
The Tug-Yacht "Terrier" - A Design by Michael Kasten
K'ung Fu 'Tse and the Waterspout - Jean West Colvin
Perils of Perelandra: Suva & Compass Problems - LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir
The Layout Platen - Pete Silva
The Sloop "High Tensile" - Anne Brandt

Summer 1996 - No. 7

Editorial: First Round the World Race, "It Is The Mercy!" - Michael Kasten
Worldwide Metal Boat Builder List - Thomas E. Colvin
The Oocher & The Gloncher: Two Boatbuilding Tools - Michael Kasten
Women Sailors - Three Groups
Stainless is a Plot! - Michael Kasten
Perils of Perelandra: Fiji & The Ultimate Storm - LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Fall 1996 - No. 8: Special Issue on Framing Metal Boats

Editorial: Metal Boat Framing? You Bet! - Michael Kasten
Why Framing is Used - Thomas E. Colvin
"Frameless" Assembly - Gary Noble Curtis
Swain's "Folded Plate" Boats - Book Review by Pete Silva
Perelandra's Progress: Vanuatu - LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Winter 1997 - No. 9

Editorial: One Day A Little Round Toad Walked In - Michael Kasten
The Fuel / Distance Curve - Thomas E. Colvin
"Fun" with Epoxy - Pete Silva
Twin Keels: A Practical Alternative - Patrick Bray
Two Pocket Kats - Sarah Cat & Mini Cat, Two Designs by Michael Kasten

Spring 1997 - No. 10

Guest Editorial: Adults Don't Do Things Like This! - Stephen Yahn
New Materials - Classic Design: A Question... - Michael Kasten
Materials for Blue Water Cruising Yachts - Neil McCubbin
"Wolfwillow" - A Design by Geoff Payne
"Pretty Penny" A Copper Nickel Boat - Gregory Jones
Book Review: "Cruising Wrinkles: & "Sailmaking" by Tom Colvin
Pleasures of Perelandra: Favorite Places - LeCain Smith & Sheila Moir

Summer 1997 - No. 11

Editorial: Quantity vs. Quality - Michael Kasten
The BT Challenge - Michael Kasten
Steel Know How: Avoiding the Mistakes - Paul Fay
Dialogue On Framing - Brent Swain; Michael Kasten; Dudley Dix
"Shearwater" & "Vickers" - Two Designs by Dudley Dix
A North Pacific Escapade - Michael Kasten

Summer 1997 Special Issue: Marine Metals Reference by Michael Kasten

The Marine Metals & The Appropriate Uses of Metals on Boats - Michael Kasten
Welding Methods & Materials - Michael Kasten
Marine Metals Book List - Michael Kasten
Preventing Galvanic Corrosion - Michael Kasten
Marine Metals Physical Properties Tables & Galvanic Series Tables - Michael Kasten

Fall 1997 - No. 12

Editorial: Preempting A Catastrophe - Michael Kasten
Painting Aluminum - Michael Kasten
"Fantom" & "Greybeard" - Two Designs by Michael Kasten
Installing A Through Hull Properly - Michael Kasten
Passage Notes From Perelandra - Sheila Moir & LeCain Smith

Winter 1998 - No. 13 (Click for MBQ #13 Cover)

Editorial: Are We Just A Private Club Then? - Michael Kasten
Essential Design Data - Michael Kasten
Building The Proper Binnacle - Michael Kasten
Steel Mast Making - Pete Silva
Laying Teak On A Steel Deck - Andy Pitt

Spring 1998 - No. 14

Guest Editorial: Shopping For A Metal Boat - Savannah Lewis
Essential Design Data : An Exchange - Tom Colvin & Michael Kasten
The Island Princess - A Design by John Atkin
64' Searcher - A Design by Scott Sprague
Roamings of Ritana: Sailing Down The West Coast - Robert & Rita Valine

Summer 1998 - No. 15

Editorial: Blending Art With Science - Michael Kasten
News From Near & Far - Dudley Dix & Graham Radford
Medicine at Sea - Robert C. Austin, MD
New Zealand Metal Boat Builders - Michael Kasten
"Boojum" The Smallest Trawler - Charles Vollum
"Boojum 25"; "Boojum 30" & "Greatheart 36" - Designs by Michael Kasten

Summer 1998 Special Issue: Corrosion, Zincs & Bonding by Michael Kasten

An Overview of Corrosion Prevention on Boats - Michael Kasten
Lightning Protection; Radio Grounding; Shock Prevention; Stray Currents - Michael Kasten
The Case Against Bonding vs. The Case In Favor Of Bonding - Michael Kasten
Wiring For Corrosion Protection; Bringing Aboard Shore Power - Michael Kasten
ABYC Rules; Special Considerations for Metal Boats - Michael Kasten
Further Reading; Welding Power Connections; The Galvanic Series - Michael Kasten

Fall 1998 / Winter 1999 - No. 16 & 17, Double Issue... 48 Pages

Editorial: Boating... Is It Just A Guy Thing? - Michael Kasten
Index Of MBQ Prior Issues
An Update From Tom Colvin - Several Designs by Tom Colvin
Heavy Weather Safety - Don Dodds
Roamings of Ritana: Panama! - Robert & Rita Valine

Spring 1999 - No. 18

Editorial: Historic Role of Boat Design in Boatbuilding - Michael Kasten
In Favor of Motor Sailing - Michael Kasten
Two Motor Sailors - Michael Kasten
Hull Shapes & Seakeeping - Dudley Dix
Book Review: "Metal Boats" - Pete Silva

Summer 1999 - No. 19

Editorial: Boatbuilding Tools: Are We Still In The Dark Ages? - Michael Kasten
A Steel Boat's Compass - Cary Derringer
Strength of Aluminum v. Steel - Michael Kasten
Some Notes on Corten Steel - Michael Kasten
Choosing The Right Boat - Savannah Lewis

Fall 1999 - No. 20

Guest Editorial: Unusual Voyages In Metal Boats
Expanded Membership Mailbag...!
Radius Chine Steel Boats - Dudley Dix
Adventures of Patti Ann - Patricia Blackshaw
Roamings of Ritana - Robert Valine

Winter 2000 - No. 21 New format with this issue...!

Editorial: Cool New Gimmicks...?? Using Good "Boat Sense" - Michael Kasten
Membership Mailbag
Metal Boat Painting Specification (Long and highly detailed...!!) - Michael Kasten
Boat Bitts: The Proper Fabricated Bitt - Michael Kasten

Summer & Fall 2000 - No. 22 & 23 Double Issue... 48 Pages!

Editorial: Corrosion Failure, A Story - Bonnie
Membership Mailbag
Metal Boats for Blue Water - Michael Kasten
Copper Nickel...! - Carol A. Powell
Economics of Boat Building Offshore - Michael Kasten
Boat Parts: A Fabricated Pin Rail - Michael Kasten
Trawlers of Distinction, Free Spirit 76 & North Coast 80 - Michael Kasten
Boat Building Safety - Lynn King

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