Youth Sail Training Foundation

'STAR' - Sail Training As Rehabilitation

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Youth Sail Training Foundation

We believe the sailing ship is an ideal platform for giving adjudicated youth a life-changing experience. The community that is formed on the ship supports the learning and character development that will enable youth to return and be productive members of their home communities.

The adjudicated youth we serve are those who have been before a judge, and are now leaving parole or probation to return to their home communities.  We feel it is extremely important that these youth be given the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to reform their own lives. Without rehabilitation, not only will the youth be destined to repeat anti-social behavior and suffer the consequences, but society will pay the public safety costs of that behavior.

'STAR' stands for Sail Training As Rehabilitation. It is a type of Sail Training that builds on proven models of behavior modification and skill development. 'STAR' is not a stand-alone program but rather is an integral part of a larger character development process that is sanctioned by the California State Division of Juvenile Justice, and that includes counseling, behavior modification programs, basic academic courses, and job training.

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