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The 42' Schooner


42' Schooner - HIGHLAND LASS - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Highland Lass Sail Plan | Highland Lass Interior
Side Perspective | Aft Perspective | Starb'd Above Perspective

Copyright 1999 - 2010 Michael Kasten

Hull Form

Highland Lass was created to sail the waters of British Columbia in style! The requirement in this case was for family cruising aboard a fast and sleek, yet robust steel hull.

Highland Lass was developed as a variation on the 42' ketch, Zephyr. Both designs share exactly the same hull shape and interior layout. Both designs therefore have the same medium displacement spoon-bow, counter-stern, and a well balanced combination of beam and depth, with a long fine run. The swept back full keel provides excellent tracking at sea. These vessels have the attributes of sleekness, grace and speed, as well as a hull form that will stand up to a press of sail for windward sailing.

Highland Lass has a fully developable single chine shape for ease of plating. Principle dimensions are:


  • Length on Deck: 42' - 0"
  • Beam: 12' - 2"
  • Draft: 5' - 4"
  • DWL Displacement: 26,370 lb.
  • D/L 323
  • Working Sail Area: 1,100 SF
  • Light Weather SA: 1,250 SF


  • Length on Deck: 12.8m
  • Beam: 3.72m
  • Draft: 1.63m
  • DWL Displacement: 11,958 kg.
  • Metric L/D: 4.46
  • Working Sail Area: 102 Sq Meters
  • Light Weather SA: 116 Sq Meters


The accommodations are intended for a couple with two children or occasional guests aboard.

The saloon is forward, and the table is hung on the foremast. The forward settees convert to a double berth by filling the space between with the lowered table, or optionally with "drop boards" made to fit. Aft of the settee is the galley, both to port and to starb'd. The galley is located amidships for the sake of being in the widest part of the boat for maximum sole area. A big benefit of this location is the relatively easy motion. As a bonus, the cook is in the midst of the social area but will not be trampled by the usual companionway traffic.

Aft of the galley is a chart desk to port, and a generous head to starb'd. Right aft are two quarter berths with the engine box between.


The rig is made using aluminum pipe for spars. It is the strongest, the simplest to fabricate and the easiest to maintain of any spar material. If done nicely and painted, no one can tell that they are not made of wood!

The long wooden davits are for carrying the skiff during short day-sails, and for hoisting up at night to keep the skiff from being any trouble. For longer trips in open water, the skiff is lifted aboard using the fores'l halyard, and nested onto the cabin top.


For more information about the Highland Lass please check out what we have written about the 42' Zephyr. Except for the sail rig and possibly a few variations with the interior, these designs are identical.

If you'd like even more information, please check out our Plans List for Study Drawings, Estimating Plans or Building Plans, or by all means, please inquire.