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Prototype Yacht Designs

By Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

Copyright 2015 Michael Kasten


The Prototype designs in the links below are design concepts, each of which could have excellent merit for further development.

Most of our prototypes or 'concept' designs were originally created as preliminary design studies for various clients in order to address their differing requests. Others are our own ideas for new designs. All of the designs listed below have been fully developed as computer generated models in order to determine the preliminary styling, hydrostatics, performance, layout, structure, etc.

These prototypes represent the first stage of developing a new design. If any one of them were to be further developed, we would first solicit our clients' requirements. Then once we have understood those requirements, say for the interior and exterior spaces (possibly via a 'napkin sketch' or general description) and the general vessel type, we will then create a surface model of the design on the computer. The computer generated model provides a preliminary set of lines and hydrostatics. The resulting 'virtual model' becomes the 'envelope' within which we will develop a preliminary interior layout as well as a preliminary look at the vessel's hydrostatics.

At this prototype stage the design is still 'preliminary.' In other words, a myriad of decisions, analyses and drawings must still be made in order to further develop the design, each one of which will impact the final shape and configuration of the design. A distinct advantage of having created a digital model of the vessel is that it can be easily changed / adapted as needed to a newly defined purpose, layout, size, or whatever other requirements may be imposed.

In other words, at this stage of development the shape of the model can be modified as needed, and at each iteration of the model an accurate 3D preview of the design and its hydrostatics are available. This allows each version of the design to be optimized right from the start, aesthetically, functionally and behaviorally.

At the prototype stage, Study Plans per-se have ordinarily not yet been created, although in some cases there may be preliminary sketches available, as noted. In a few cases there may also be more formal drawings of the intended accommodation, styling, rig, etc.


If our prototypes are not finished designs, then what's the point of looking at them...?

Basically: INSPIRATION...!

One of the first hurdles we must clear when starting a new design is to communicate the notion that we can indeed start from a blank sheet of paper - but if that is too intimidating we can start with an inspiring prototype. And that is why we have offered these prototypes. Consider them simply as 'inspiration' for anything that might follow.

In all cases, our aim is to end up with a design solution that meets the requirements that have been presented. The prototype designs listed below are presented in way of inspiration and to provide a bridge over the 'blank sheet' syndrome. It should be noted that any one of these prototypes can be re-configured to suit a different purpose or size or layout. Alternately, any one of them can be developed as-is into a completed design.

For more information about this process, please see our various Design Articles. In particular our article on Custom Design will be helpful in order to understand how we go about generating an entirely new design. If you'd like more information on any of the prototypes below, please inquire.

Please see our prototype designs, arranged by category on the following two web pages:


Sloop, Cutter, Schooner, Ketch, Bermuda, Marconi, Gaff, Junk, Racer, Cruiser, Motor Sailor, Catamaran, Monohull, Trimaran... each has its own specific purpose and ability. Many examples. See what you think among our Sailing Yacht Prototypes...

55' Schooner Josephine
The sleek and classic 55' Schooner Josephine

Visit Our Gallery of MOTOR YACHT PROTOTYPES...

Motor Yacht, Trawler, Passagemaker, Tug, Planing Boat, Displacement Boat, Motor Sailor, Power Cat, Power Trimaran... There are multiple examples of each here. Have a look among our Motor Yacht Prototypes...

60' Nordic Spirit
The 60' Nordic Spirit - a multi-stateroom trawler yacht in the Baltic tradition.

Study Sketches or Other Drawings...?

Preliminary Design Study Sketches are available for some of our prototype designs. If you'd like to know more about further development of one of our prototypes please contact me by email. A thorough introduction to that process can be found on our Custom Design page.

Krazy Kat Launch Poem