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Schooner Josephine - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The 55' Schooner JOSEPHINE - Click for Larger Image

Yacht Design Software in use at Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

Without question Maxsurf is the most advanced, most complete and best integrated range of marine design software available to Naval Architects, enabling the design, analysis and construction of ships, ferries, workboats and yachts.  The Maxsurf programs provide outstanding accuracy and productivity along with multiple tools for design optimization. 

Among the designs we have created you will find many fine examples of what can be done using Maxsurf software from concept, through analysis, to the production of accurate boat parts.

Check out our Maxsurf Modeler page for an introduction to the capabilities of Maxsurf Modeler and its companion software modules.  See our Maxsurf Usage page to discover how we use Maxsurf to best advantage on an everyday basis.


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