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The Maxsurf suite of programs fall into three basic categories that follow our work-flow


Sailing Yacht - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The 66' Ketch ASGARD - Click for Larger Image

Maxsurf Modeler

Maxsurf Modeler is the boat design module of a comprehensive range of software for Naval Architects. Maxsurf Modeler and its companion modules run on recent versions of Windows.

With a customizable and intuitive interface, the various software modules in the Maxsurf range make use of a wide variety of modeling aids and fairing tools.  Maxsurf Modeler can generate any type of hull form to nearly any degree of complexity, including curves and dynamically trimmed surfaces. 

40m Indonesian Phinisi - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Unlocked view of our 40m Indonesian KLM Phinisi design- Click for Larger Image

Maxsurf Modeler analysis modes include surface and edge curvature, upright hydrostatics, custom programmable hydrostatics, surface areas, surface weights and centers, surface moments, windage, and hull offset data. 

Maxsurf includes the ability to perform automated fitting of multiple surfaces to user-specified offsets data, using unique Genetic Algorithm technology to create 'parent-child' iterations of a model in order to ensure that the surfaces are accurately fitted, and fair.  

Maxsurf includes a Parametric Variation tool to automatically modify a hull shape to conform to user-specified parametric data, such as LCB, CP, Block Coefficient, etc. 

"Cutting Surfaces" can be defined in order to limit the number of surfaces used for trimming of that surface, reducing the complexity of background calculations and making trimming simpler and faster. 

In addition to NURBS surface modeling, curves can be created in Maxsurf by using control points, or by "through" points. Curves can be used for trimming of surfaces by projection, or as an axis of rotation for another curve (Lathe Tool), or as a path along which another curve may be extruded (Swept Surfaces Tool). 

Maxsurf allows creating accurate arcs by defining radius, axis, start and end (Arc Curves Function).

A "Surface Skinning" function allows a surface to be automatically created and fitted over a series of splines.  Maxsurf can automatically create meshed surfaces from offset data, as well as from existing NURBS surfaces.  Meshed surfaces can be imported for analysis in Maxsurf / Hydromax, and can be exported for analysis or rendering in other CAD systems.

Maxsurf can fit curves to markers, for example to fit a set of curves to an imported set of offsets, and Maxsurf can then approximate a surface based on a selected set of markers.  Combined with surface skinning and meshed surfaces, this provides a rapid route to hydrostatic analysis, either upright within Maxsurf, or to calculate large angle stability and other parameters within Hydromax (Maxsurf Stability). 

All Maxsurf modules support the 64 bit versions of Windows, allowing a use of a large amount of RAM. 

55' Schooner JOSEPHINE - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
55' Schooner Josephine - Click for Larger Image

Maxsurf Modeler can export to DXF / DWG for detailing in CAD programs. Maxsurf can import a variety of images for background display as a guide to modeling, as well as being able to import DXF markers or a DXF wireframe in 2D or 3D as a modeling guide.  Maxsurf is able to import IMSA NURBS, USNA, and Fastship. 

 Maxsurf can import IGES NURBS surfaces, and the Maxsurf model can be exported as trimmed IGES NURBS for use in other CAD systems.   Maxsurf can open and save the Open NURBS Rhino 3DM format directly. 

Maxsurf includes a Rhino Plug-in, which allows display and management of the Maxsurf Assembly Tree within Rhino.  With this, on opening a Maxsurf generated model in Rhino the Maxsurf Assembly Tree is preserved as a series of hierarchical Layers within Rhino.  On re-import of the Rhino 3DM model to Maxsurf, the Maxsurf Assembly Tree remains fully intact.  A 64-bit version of the Maxsurf Rhino plug-in isupports the 64-bit version of Rhino 5.0. 

Whether via IGES or via the Open NURBS 3DM format, the direct use of the surface model in other CAD systems allows photo-realistic rendering; further detailing of the design in 3D; or even creating a full size mould or plug via direct use of the Maxsurf generated hull and / or superstructure shapes. 

All Maxsurf programs and Multiframe share a common Materials Library, making it possible to share the same model between Maxsurf, Workshop, and Multiframe. 

Using Maxsurf Link (below), the Maxsurf model can be exported to a wide variety of file formats for use in other CAD systems or for analysis using a variety of software. 

50' Cutter SARAH - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The 50' Cutter SARAH - Click for Larger Image

Maxsurf Link

Maxsurf Link (previously called Hydrolink) is used for converting a Maxsurf design into other marine design formats, and for importing other file formats into Maxsurf Modeler and Maxsurf Stability (Hydromax).  Maxsurf Link supports the following file formats:

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