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The Maxsurf suite of programs fall into three basic categories that follow our work-flow


42' Lucille Structure - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The 42' Ketch LUCILLE Structure - Click for Larger Image

Maxsurf Structure

Maxsurf Structure (previously called Workshop) is software for developing a vessel's plating and internal structure.  Within Maxsurf Structure we can create frames and stringers, and perform plate expansions so the structure for our designs can be NC cut. 

In addition to its focus on metal boats, Maxsurf Structure can also be used to develop structure for boats of any material. For example, mold frames and sheathing can be cut for a GRP vessel;  frames, stringers and plate can be cut for a metal vessel;  mould frames with stringer cutouts can be developed for a wooden vessel.

Maxsurf Structure directly opens the Maxsurf model, complete with surface trimming, the grid, markers, and the assembly tree, which allows structure to be grouped and associated with specific surfaces for easy parts management. 

An integrated Materials / Sections Library is shared across all Maxsurf programs, including Multiframe, so that the structure and its mass properties are portable among the Maxsurf programs.  Maxsurf Structure uses Maxsurf Shape Editor (previously called Section Maker) to create unique sections, which can then be added to the commonly shared Materials Library.

56' Ketch SHIRAZ - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
56' Ketch SHIRAZ Structure Exported to Rhino - Click for Larger Image

A key benefit of Maxsurf Structure is that any changes made to the original Modeler design are automatically integrated into the Maxsurf Structure model.  For example if the hull shape has been modified, all frames, stringers and plates can be instantly re-calculated to match the new hull shape.  This is especially important when the structure and the design are being developed concurrently.

Using Maxsurf Modeler and Maxsurf Structure, our Work Flow is to first create and fair the 3-D surface model within Maxsurf Modeler, then open the design in Maxsurf Structure to define the frames, bulkheads, soles, stringers and the external plating.  Once the Structure model is set up, the program calculates all parts, including stringer cut-outs in all transverse members. 

56' Ketch SHIRAZ - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
56' Ketch SHIRAZ Structure Rendered in Workshop - Click for Larger Image

When the structural model is complete, Maxsurf Structure can then export the internal structures in 2D or 3D.  The expanded plating can be exported in 2D via DXF, IGES or Rhino 3DM in order to allow detailing of the  parts within other CAD systems such as AutoCAD, Microstation, SolidWorks, Rhino, and others. Export to a variety of graphics formats is useful for publishing, presentation, or web site illustration.

See the page on How we Use Maxsurf for more information about how we use Maxsurf Structure to good advantage at Kasten Marine Design, Inc..

53' Valdemar Structure - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
53' Valdemar Structure - Click for Larger Image

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