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The Maxsurf suite of programs fall into three basic categories that follow our work-flow


96' ZEBULUN - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The 96' Schooner ZEBULUN - Click for Larger Image

Maxsurf Motions (Seakeeper) 

Maxsurf Motions (previously called Seakeeper) was among the first true hydro-dynamic analysis tools to include a graphic user interface for use on Windows personal computers. 

Motions opens a Maxsurf model directly, measures it, and allows one to compute the roll, heave and pitch response, the accelerations and relative motion comfort at any location on board, the added resistance in waves on any course, the longitudinal distribution of forces on the hull and a number of other motion related parameters. 

Built into Maxsurf Motions are established standard sea state spectra for analysis.  Any condition of displacement, trim and heel can be assigned prior to the analysis.  The results can be displayed and output in both graph and tabular form. 

Maxsurf Motions is able to render the design as a fixed image.  Or an animated rendered movie of the predicted motions can be displayed and recorded in order to illustrate the selected wave form in motion.  The screen-shot above is captured from the animation in a variable wave-form during analysis of the 96' Schooner ZEBULUN.

Maxsurf Motions provides us with the means to compare hull features from one model iteration to another for the sake of optimization, and for finalized designs, to accurately predict their seakeeping ability. 

96' Schooner ZEBULUN - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The 96' Schooner ZEBULUN - Click for Larger Image

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