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The Maxsurf suite of programs fall into three basic categories that follow our work-flow


61' Mermaid Rig Model - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
61' Mermaid Rig Model - Loadcase Applied - Click for Larger Image


Multiframe is the structural analysis and design member of the Maxsurf family.  Multiframe can be used to analyse any kind of small or large scale structure, including frames, beams, girders, columns, wire rigging, and plating.

An integrated Materials and Sections Library is shared across all Maxsurf programs so that the structure and its mass properties are portable among the Maxsurf programs.  Maxsurf Shape Editor (previously called Section Maker) is used to create any unique sections that might be required, which can then be added to the commonly shared Materials Library.

Multiframe can import and export DXF and IGES files, allowing a model to be created in a CAD system or in Maxsurf Structur, then brought into Multiframe for analysis.

The image above shows a model of the masts, spars and rigging on the 61' Mermaid, with loads applied.  A number of load cases can be assigned and separately assessed.  

61' Mermaid Rig Model Rendered - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

61' Mermaid Rig Model - Stresses RENDERED - Click for Larger Image

In this image we see a rendered view showing member stress.  Low stress regions are blue, medium stress is green, high stress is red.  Additional views show, strain and shear.  Deflections and forces can be exaggerated for ease of interpretation.  Tabular results are assembled into a comprehensive report, automatically sent to Word or Excel for presentation or archiving.

Mermaid Rig Axial Stresses - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
 61' Mermaid Rig Axial Stresses - Tension and Compression - Click for Larger Image

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