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The Classic 55' Schooner "Josephine"

55' Schooner - JOSEPHINE - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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Copyright 2005 - 2015 Michael Kasten

General Concept

Here, we have stretched the 50' schooner 50' Lucille to a length of 55 feet.  Just as Lucille was named after BB King's guitar, Josephine has been named after Mighty Joe Young's guitar!  Josephine is also the name of an outstanding tune by blues pianist, Henry Gray.

At 55' Josephine has a classic performance-oriented hull shape.  A thoroughbred cruising yacht designed for construction in steel or aluminum.  Particulars are as follows:

These dimensions are quite similar to those of our aluminum ketch, the 56' Shiraz.

As with the 50' Lucille, Josephine is designed with an easily plated rounded metal hull. The rig is planned as a larger version of the Lucille schooner rig.  A ketch rig like that of the 56' Shirazwould work equally well.

The interior layout options are similar to those of the 50' Lucille, or those of the 56' Shiraz, however a number of other interior arrangements have been preliminarily sketched. Among them, one is intended to allow a large cabin amidships, or alternately two private guest suites, more or less as described for the 55' Wylde Pathaway prototype.

As with the other designs in this series, the primary goals with Josephine have been fast cruising with shoal draft and good windward ability, a highly traditional aesthetic, simple structure, and a reasonable cost to build and maintain... in short, a practical boat that would be a pleasure to sail and to own.  Josephine very much fits the description of "the boat in which you'd like to be seen arriving!"

55' Schooner JOSEPHINE - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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