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54' Schooner "Wylde Pathaway"

54' Schooner Wyldepathaway
Wyldepathaway Above Aft | Wyldepathaway Above Fwd 

General Concept

Wylde Pathaway is designed as a performance cruising yacht for construction in aluminum.  The 54' Wylde Pathaway is a larger version of the 44' Redpath.

At 54' on deck, particulars are as follows:

Fast cruising and windward ability, along with simplicity of materials, a simple shape for reasonable build cost, simplicity of structure for easy maintenance... these are the primary goals of the design.  The single chine hull form was chosen in order to achieve the maximum performance per dollar. With a simply built, economical and easily driven hull form, one can afford to make the vessel a bit longer and realize some very real performance gains. Given the fine and slender hull form, theoretical hull speed will be exceeded fairly easily. 

Wylde Pathaway is designed to take the same schooner as that of the 50' Lucille.  The simplified gaff schooner rig makes use of modern spar and sail materials, combined with a performance oriented sail cut.  With this rig, speed under sail is expected to reach 9.6 knots, for a Speed / Length ratio of 1.47. If a ketch rig were preferred, the 56' Shiraz rig would suit this design very well.

The specified engine is a John Deere 4045-TFM.   In the M-2 power rating of 120 hp, maximum hull speed is exceeded with a predicted top speed of close to 10 knots under power.  Economical cruise speed under power is just over 7 knots.  Even at 8 knots only approximately 60 hp are being used.

Interior Layout

The interior is planned to be similar to the 50' Lucille interior layout, except that there is not intended to be an aft pilot house.   The additional 4 feet of boat length has been used to create an office  / navigation station forward of the aft cabin.  Preliminary sketches show the Plan View and interior Profile View.

For more information about the 54' Wylde Pathaway, please inquire.

70' Schooner Wyldepathaway
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