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The 64' Aluminum or Steel Trawler Yacht

'Nordic Spirit'

64' Trawler Yacht - NORDIC SPIRIT - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Perspective Aft | Perspective Side | Perspective Forward | Lines Perspective

Copyright 2002 - 2009 Michael Kasten

General Concept

The Nordic Spirit 64 shares the same profile and hull form as the Nordic Spirit 50, but is stretched in order to provide more interior space and a more slender hull shape.

The NS-50 and the NS-64 were both developed as a revision of the 76 foot Free Spirit. The Nordic Spirit 64 shown here is intended to have interior spaces similar to the Nordic Spirit 50. The larger vessel shown here has more generous space in each cabin, plus three full size staterooms forward. This larger size makes possible a variety of other saloon / galley arrangements as well.

Preliminary particulars are as follows:

Engine power would likely be in the range of round 275hp to 300 hp. With 2,500 gallons, a range of around 2,700 to 2,900 NM would be possible, assuming a speed of between 8.5 and 9 knots and a 12% fuel reserve. This is per the rather conservative Beebe range algorithm, so actual range could be greater yet.

Hull construction of the Nordic Spirit 64 is intended to be all aluminum. GRP is yet another option and would allow the proportions, shape and displacement to be approximately the same. If the design were to be developed for construction with a steel hull, the superstructure would ideally be aluminum and more displacement would be provided in order to carry the added structural weight.

A single engine has been specified for the sake of simplicity and economy. If shoal draft were required, a twin engine configuration would work equally well - as can be seen on the larger Free Spirit 76.

Further Development

Both the Nordic Spirit 50 and the Nordic Spirit 64 are classic Baltic trawler types somewhat in the Romsdahl tradition. The hull form is modeled after West Coast fishing vessel types for maximum sea keeping ability. We have studied a variety of sizes for this prototype from 50 feet to 90 feet. Among them, long range ocean travel has been the primary requirement - a job for which this hull type is very well suited.

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