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The 50' Aluminum or Steel Trawler Yacht

'Nordic Spirit'

The 50' Baltic Style Trawler Yacht - NORDIC SPIRIT - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Larger Forward Perspective | View From Above
Interior Profile | Interior Layout | Top Deck Layout

Copyright 2002 - 2004 Michael Kasten

General Concept

The Nordic Spirit 50 shares the same profile and hull form as the Nordic Spirit 64. The images in the above links show the hull form and the intended interior layout of the Nordic Spirit 50.

The 50 and the 65 footer were both developed as smaller adaptations of the 75 foot Free Spirit. Here, the priority was to fit that design into a 50 foot slip...! This was a pleasure to work out, and has resulted in a pleasing layout in a much smaller and more manageable package.

LOA is 50' including the swim deck. WL length is 45.75' light and draft is 5' light. Overall beam is 16' moulded. Displacement is 61k lb. Although construction was originally intended to be all in aluminum, GRP is yet another option. The proportions and displacement would be the same whether built in fiberglass or aluminum.

Ready access to the swim deck from the interior was deemed a priority. Two large staterooms are located below forward, along with a utility / laundry room, large head and separate bath. On the main deck there is a generous saloon / galley / dining area. Above there is a pilot house complete with lounge. Aft of the pilot house is a small sun-deck with a railing around it. The long foredeck is ideal for storage of shore boats.

A single engine has been specified for the sake of simplicity and economy. If less draft were a requirement, a twin engine configuration would work equally well.

Further Development

Both the Nordic Spirit 50 and the Nordic Spirit 64 are classic trawler types in the Baltic tradition. The hull form is modeled after West Coast fishing vessel types for maximum sea keeping ability.

We have verified that the cabin arrangement shown can be gracefully developed in sizes ranging from around 50 feet to well over 90 feet LOA. In general, long range ocean travel has been the primary requirement, for which this type is well suited.

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