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76' Trawler Yacht


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76' Motor Yacht Free Spirit
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Outboard Profile | Inboard Profile & Lower Deck Plan | Main Deck & Pilot House Plan
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The requirement for this trawler yacht design was to create a classically styled and fully capable long range, comfortable, efficient and safe offshore power vessel in aluminum. Toward that end, Free Spirit is designed to the IMO stability requirements for offshore vessels, including the rigorous IMO extended weather criteria, and the structure is designed according to the ABS rule for Motor Pleasure Yachts.

Having a design displacement of 195,000# (88,450 Kg.) the vessel is of medium displacement, at D/L 317. Displacement will vary from around 190,000# (86,180 Kg.) when lightly loaded, to a maximum capacity of 225,000# (102,060 Kg.) with tanks full, stores aboard for a full complement of guests, and the boat ready for a long passage.


Having an aft located superstructure, one might refer to Free Spirit as being designed in a "North Sea" or "Baltic" style. The long exterior main deck forward is raised to the height of the top of the main bulwark in order to accommodate the forward cabins for the full width of the ship. A well-deck forward provides protection for handling lines and anchor gear. A reel winch there will allow the forepeak to remain clean and water tight. A generous "double bottom" area below the forward cabins contains the majority of the vessel's tankage.

The exterior main deck aft is enclosed with removable panels in order to create a "solarium." The exterior upper deck aft of the Pilot House is an observation deck which will have portable chaise lounges and a small table for an occasional lemonade on a warm day. With weather cloths around the Observation Deck, one will have wind protection, privacy, and a commanding view of the harbor.

One nice feature of the layout is that an engineer or crew person can come and go to the crew quarters or to the engine room without entering the main accommodation spaces.

A swim platform will extend from the transom, allowing easy access from the aft "solarium" area down to the water, while preserving the superior sea-keeping qualities offered by an enclosed transom.

A fine metal trawler, somewhat in the excellent Romsdahl tradition. Built with aluminum, Free Spirit is able to be much more fine than these older examples, therefore much more economical to operate, requiring both less horsepower and less fuel for an equal passage. In combination with controllable pitch propellers, this will be one very efficient long range cruising vessel.

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For further information about Free Spirit or any of our other power yacht designs please inquire.

76' Free Spirit - A Baltic Style Trawler Yacht by Kasten Marine Design, Inc.