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Cabin Boat Primer

Copyright 1990 - 2011 Michael Kasten

There are a few very special books, which upon reading them, you must immediately abandon what you've been doing all these years and begin the adventure about which you have just read.

A few such books that come to mind are those that glimpse a way of life you have not viewed before. Rather than being about another aspect of what you already are involved in, these books reveal something entirely new and which you may not have expected.

Particular examples are: "Leaves of Grass" by Whitman; "Zorba the Greek" by Kazantzakis; "The Indian Teepee" by Laubin; "The Compleat Walker" by Fletcher; "Sailing Alone Around the World" by Slocum; "The Long Way" by Moitessier. The list goes on...

The following notions are excerpts from another dusty old book, but one which has much to say to we who would go down to the sea in boats.

It was written with Cabin Boating in mind. In other words, drifting. Primarily drifting down rivers, and most particularly along the Mississippi River system. It describes a way of life in such a way as to put you already on the path to making it your own.

Sure, prices have changed - possibly times a thousand, yet the spirit remains the same.

These writings are somewhat in the vein of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, but also the spirit of Laubin, Whitman, Kazantzakis, Fletcher, Slocum and Moitessier. There is much among the following brief words that could very nicely be applied to our 'modern day' boating pursuits...

Shall we listen:

- Raymond Spears, 1913

Michael Kasten

Metal Boat Quarterly #6 - Spring 1996 Editorial - Updated 2003 & 2006


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