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The 64' Classic Clipper-Style Trawler Yacht


Motor Sailing Yacht - CHANTAGE - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Perspective Above Aft | Perspective Low Aft | Side View | Port Above Aft
Larger Sail Plan Image | Interior Profile | Main Deck Plan | Lower Deck Plan


The name "Chantage" is a French word of interesting derivation pronounced "shantaazh" in English (it is not a reference to the London choir of that name).

The CHANTAGE 64 was created in response to a request for a classic motor yacht suited to coastwise cruising and outdoor living, with the capability for ocean crossings when desired.  The West Coast of Canada, SE Alaska, the Chilean Archipelago, the Great Barrier Reef, the islands of Indonesia or Thailand, the Aegean Sea, the Adriatic...  there are many cruising grounds perfectly suited to this kind of vessel.

 Another request was that there be a "cook-out" galley / dining area on the upper deck; that there be a large open aft deck; and that the pilot house / saloon be able to be opened to the aft deck. In other words the idea was to create a large living area that could be opened to the outdoors for tropical living, or the aft deck enclosed with a zipped up screen or canvas in order to still enjoy the open aft deck in colder climates.

The original inspiration for this design was the Greatheart 60, however in this case the requirement was to achieve a layout having a full galley below the pilot house, a goal that at first seemed nearly impossible given the style being sought... i.e. long, low, and lean...

An additional requirement was for sailing ability, a difficult request to reconcile with the request that the interior layout be "double decked" amidships and that draft be kept to a minimum. In order to be functional as a sailing vessel it is imperative to keep the superstructure as low as possible in order to minimize windage.

We first created a 'steamer-style' version with a plumb bow, which you can review on the Steamer 60 web page. Although the interior and exterior layout of these two designs is nearly identical, we eventually determined that the CHANTAGE 64 should have the appearance of an older style clipper-bow type of 'steam yacht.'

The clipper style bow allowed the sail rig to be spread out to the maximum extent - in other words to achieve adequate sail area without the rig becoming too tall for the vessel type. And of course in keeping with the use of a clipper bow, the stern is also reminiscent of the same era... a 'fantail.'  

Naturally this all sounds fine in concept, but could it be made to work...? Once these various design elements were blended correctly all I could say was,

"Wow! I like it!"

In my view, the aesthetic presentation and the integration of the various disparate requests have turned out to be highly successful.


Please see the following images of the interior layout:

Interior Profile | Main Deck Plan | Lower Deck Plan

The interior of the pilot house is one step above the exterior deck, providing excellent visibility all around. The pilot house is quite large, and contains a head and settee / dinette, as well as very ample chart desk and nav / helm station. Aft of that, the mini-galley and saloon open directly onto the aft deck - an arrangement preferred for tropical entertainment.

Below forward are twin staterooms and a shared head. Below the pilot house is a large galley and dining area with a convertible spare berth to port. Fuel and water tanks are located to port and starb'd within the galley and also in the bilge areas.

Aft of the galley is the engine room. A single diesel is arranged with a "V" drive in order to save space. A single generator is located forward and outboard. Access to the engine space is via a large lift-hatch in the saloon above, and permanent ladder. Although there is not full standing headroom in the engine space, there is a comfortable bench seat all around the engine to allow easy service access to all the machinery.

Below the aft deck is the lazarette which houses the steering equipment (rams, autopilot, etc.). Below the forward deck, the fo'c's'l provides storage for the anchoring gear, rode, dock lines and so forth.

The exterior deck is at one level all the way from the transom to the bow, and provides ample walk-around space.


One of the main requirements for the CHANTAGE 64 was that there be a sail rig and it be sufficient to allow the vessel function as a motor sailor... This was for the fun of sailing, for the synergy of motor-sailing, for added roll attenuation, and for the security of having a fool-proof get-home strategy in the event of engine failure. Thus, the owner requested reasonable sailing performance even without the engine.

Two sail rig options were originally proposed: gaff rig, or Chinese lug rig. Either rig has the advantage of keeping the sail area low down, thus allowing relatively shoal draft. Various other benefits of these rigs can be reviewed on our Sail Rig web page. The links below show several images of the two rigs originally proposed:

Lug Sails Side | Lug Sails Above Fwd | Lug Sails Starb'd Aft | Lug Sails Port Aft
Gaff Sails Fwd | Gaff Sails Aft

Cool 3D Shadow Rendering Fwd | Cool 3D Shadow Rendering Aft


Sitting on the mud without spilling the coffee was another requirement. Therefore we favored the use of a single centerline keel of very low aspect ratio, combined with twin keels. Thus we could achieve windward ability and a stable platform when grounded. The various benefits of twin keels can be reviewed on our Roll Attenuation page.


The CHANTAGE 64 is planned to comply with the ABS scantling rule for Motor Pleasure Yachts for structure, and the ISO standards for stability. The hull and superstructure are planned to be all aluminum.   Interior materials have been chosen to provide a traditional elegance reminiscent of a comfortable paneled library. The finest yacht finish has been specified both inside and out.


Length Overall: 19.5 meters
Length Waterline: 17.1 meters
Water Draft: 1.75 meters
Air Draft: 3.77 meters
Beam: 5 meters
Light Ship Displacement Goal: 40 metric tons

Engine: John Deere
Gear: Twin Disc or ZF 'V' drive.


The CHANTAGE 64 is a truly classic yacht in every respect - and one that is well adapted to world cruising. For an extended family or for a couple who enjoy entertaining, the CHANTAGE 64 will provide a unique combination of ruggedness, seaworthiness, sea-kindliness, along with a generous measure of luxury.

For more information about this vessel or our other motor yacht designs please inquire.