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The Fantail Pilot Cutter 'PILGRIM'

32' Cutter - Pilgrim - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The 32' Cutter "PILGRIM"

Fantail 32 Forward With Sails | Fantail 32 Aft With Sails
Fantail 32 Aft View | Fantail 32 Side View | Fantail 32 Forward View

Copyright 2007 - 2015 Michael Kasten

The Concept

Planned as a simple and easily built sailing craft, two versions of the Pilgrim concept design are shown here, one at 30 feet (below) and another at 32 feet (above). Both are intended to have nearly the same interior layout, with the 32 footer having just a bit more space for the head and the galley amidships.

Sea going...? This is the byword with either version of the Pilgrim. A well shaped cruising keel with keel hung rudder, relatively shoal draft, and an easily built single chine steel or aluminum hull. The single chine shape is easy to achieve with any flat sheet material. Originally intended for construction in steel (32') or aluminum (30') it would also be quite easy to build a mold in order to construct the hull in fiberglass, or to just build the vessel itself in plywood.

The Hull Form

The single chine hull form was chosen on the basis of its simplicity, economy of construction and for good performance under sail. Hull surfaces are fully developable for maximum ease of plating.  The profile illustrates a nicely balanced spoon-bow, fantail-stern.

Particulars of the larger version are:


The Rig

The cutter rig was chosen for its simplicity and good windward sailing. Being a prototype, there are any number of combinations that would also be possible - not only with the rig but also with the hull form, the interior, the preferred materials and so on... This kind of flexibility is one of the key benefits of working with a prototype in order to create a new design.

The Cutter, Pilgrim 30 - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The 30' Cutter, "PILGRIM"

Fantail 30 Interior Layout| Fantail 30 Aft Perspective
Fantail 30 Side Perspective | Fantail 30 Aft Above Perspective

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