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The 53' Motor Yacht


Copyright 2004 Michael Kasten

53' Motor Yacht - SECOND STAR - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Exterior Profile | Interior Profile | Interior Plan | Lines Drawing

General Concept

The 53' Second Star is a variation on the Monk design called the Skookum 53. The design was originally developed as a sailing hull for production in fiberglass. In the case of the Skookum boats, considerable liberty was taken with Monk's original lines by the builders of the hull, and really there is only a vague resemblance to Monk's intent.

The assignment in this case was to transform an old fiberglass sailing hull into a new power boat. The hull is solid fiberglass and is also insulated. Fuel and water tanks are integral, therefore also fiberglass. The deck and house structures are wood framed, with plywood, epoxy and glass sheathing.

At 53' LOA the layout is not at all crowded, and that is very much as intended. The interior is optimum for a couple plus another couple as guests. The pilot house is generous and provides seating for the helm plus two or three on the observation seat. Aft is a covered aft deck, with walk-around decks to the side.

The engine specified is a 6 cylinder John Deere 6086 TFM mated to a Sabb controllable pitch gear and Helseth self-contained shaft system having a three blade controllable pitch propeller. A Yanmar 3GM 30 has been specified as a get-home engine, having its own separate shaft and propeller. The auxiliary engine serves double duty as a 24v DC generator and also serves to power the hydraulics.

A paravane rig has been detailed in order to provide roll stabilization. Having originally been a sailing hull, a sail rig could be provided fairly easily. Even if a sail rig were chosen, the paravanes would still be an option.

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