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The 32' Fast Aluminum Trawler Yacht


36' Fast Trawler Yacht - SKIMMER - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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Copyright 2009 Michael Kasten

General Concept

The 32 foot all aluminum "Skimmer" has a fast semi-displacement hull form. The fine straight run and light displacement will yield a good turn of speed. Relatively short overhangs maximize WL length and therefore vessel speed and accommodation space below.

Preliminary particulars are as follows:

Power & Range

The hull form is such that this vessel can operate both at displacement hull speed, or with more power at semi-displacement / semi-planing speed.

Maximum displacement speed will be 7.5 to 8 knots. For everyday use as a displacement vessel, an engine of around 50 to 55 hp will be very adequate. For long range voyaging, a speed of around 6 to 6.5 knots will be preferred in order to obtain the best fuel economy. With 350 US gallons of fuel, range is calculated to be approximately 2,000 NM, allowing for a 10% reserve. At this speed, power use will be somewhere around 17 hp.

Faster speeds are possible with this type of semi-displacement hull form by supplying more power. Of course range will be reduced exponentially at higher speeds. Semi-displacement / semi-planing speed potential should be around 10 to 12 knots, depending on the power that is provided.

As we can observe from the above, depending on top speed desired a broad range of powering options are possible.


The proposed interior arrangement is planned to be similar that of the Greatheart 36. Since the Skimmer is shorter - but also wider, a few other possibilities emerge. As with many of our motor yacht designs, Skimmer has a large flush fore deck, which yields an enormous amount of space in the forward cabins.

For Skimmer, the layout will be approximately as follows (see the images above and below to follow along with the interior spaces):

Right forward there will be a head, with a hatch above, that spans across the full width from port to starb'd. Just aft of that is a settee on both sides with a table between, or optionally a single berth to one side and double or pull-out double on the other side. Just aft of the settees is the engine space below and the pilot house above.

In the pilot house, a large galley spans the full distance along the starb'd side with an entry door right forward. To port is a dinette with table, and a piloting station right forward. A companionway leading below forward is offset slightly to starb'd. A second companionway leading below aft is located to starb'd of center.

Below aft, a small head compartment and long dresser / bureau are located to starb'd, and a cozy double berth is located to port.

32' Fast Trawler Yacht - SKIMMER - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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On deck, the aft cabin top offers the chance to have a second dinette, perched on top, with seats facing inboard. A second steering station could be located on the aft face of the pilot house if desired. Alternately, an aft-facing bench seat can be placed aft of the aft cabin... perfect for fishing and wake-watching...

Design Summary

The intent of this design has been to fit the maximum accommodations into an ocean-worthy semi-displacement speed capable pocket trawler of around 32 feet LOA. The requirement for excellent sea keeping has encouraged keeping the cabins low, and the low profile will serve the vessel well in all conditions. Height to the top of the Pilot House is just over 10 feet off the water. This has been planned in order to allow access to the canals in France and throughout Europe.

Quite a nice little ship....!

32' Fast Trawler Yacht - SKIMMER - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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