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Prototyping and Development

The 130' Expedition Yacht - JEANNE V.

Forward Perspective | Jeanne V Web Page


Without question, Maxsurf is the most highly developed and best integrated 3D modeling and analysis software for yacht and ship design. Using trimmed NURBS surfaces, Maxsurf is the ideal tool for creating a prototype or preliminary design of a proposed vessel. The above image shows a model of a 130 foot motor yacht, the Jeanne V. Having created and faired the 'virtual' hull and superstructure, the 3D surface model can be put to a number of uses...

73' Schooner - CARIBE

The Schooner Caribe

All of the above described services are readily available in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. For example in the US Pacific Northwest the following services are close at hand:

One of the biggest advantages of having defined the 'parts' via computer modeling is that the resulting geometry can be sent anywhere worldwide via email. Design information can be shared instantly worldwide during the development of the design then and during the actual building of the boat.

Where labor rates are at a premium, the virtues of computerized modeling and NC cutting become readily apparent, and the machine-cut parts can save considerably in terms of production costs. In other areas where labor may not be the dominant cost component, computer modeling of the hull and superstructure will still offer advantages in terms of advance planning, project communication, accuracy of parts definition, and control over the resulting as-built geometry.

As an extreme example, we have created designs that have been built in the jungle on Borneo with design information shared by email. Our designs have been built in Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. In each case, we sent nested parts to the metal cutters via email, and the builder received a complete pre-cut boat kit.


Maxsurf is a natural tool for computer based lofting and fairing. The computer-faired model can be used to export any of the typical plan, profile or body views in whatever configuration is needed to create an entire lofting - eliminating the need for any manual lofting.

Cool 3D Sailing Yacht Lines Drawing - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

Prototype 50' Schooner Josephine

Possibly just the body view will be printed out at full size as a lofting for assembling the frames of a metal boat, or as moulds for a wooden boat, or as mould frames for a GRP boat. The body view can be sent to a numerically controlled ink-jet print head which can 'print' the body view onto metal plates for use as the actual frame-building platen. For wooden vessels or when building a mold for a GRP hull or superstructure, the body lines can be sent to a numerically controlled 2-axis router with a veining bit to cut the body lines into hard board for the same type of use.

The layout for interior bulkheads, soles, and even minor joinery partitions can also be lofted directly from the computer model.

In short, the uses for the computer generated hull and superstructure model are quite extensive, and provide a real advantage for modern computer based design, analysis, and boat building.

50' Fast Power Catamaran - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Prototype 50' Fast Cat

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