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Metal Boat Quarterly

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The Metal Boat Society

The Metal Boat Society is a non-profit organization begun in 1987 to further popular interest in Metal Boats. The general focus has been toward mid-range cruising boats, both power and sail. MBS members are serious metal boat people. Most are either building a boat, intending to build one (or have one built for them), or already own a metal boat. In any case, a potentially valuable resource!

The Metal Boat Society offered an informal Newsletter from the time of the Society's formation in 1987 until the Fall of 1994, at which time Michael Kasten was asked to be the editor of the MBS Newsletter.

The Prior Metal Boat Quarterly

The Metal Boat Quarterly as such began in the Fall of 1994 when Michael Kasten was asked to be editor. For six years, starting with MBQ #1 and ending with MBQ #23 Michael Kasten served as MBQ editor.

The focus of Metal Boat Quarterly during the editorship of Michael Kasten (Issues #1 through #23) was to foster safety in boating, good aesthetics, responsible design, quality boat building, accuracy of information about Metal Boats, and to share the secrets of successful metal boat building and maintenance. The aim was to provide a Journal-like resource for amateurs and professionals alike who are involved in metal boat design, building and ownership.

Check out the Complete Index of Issues #1 through #23 of the Metal Boat Quarterly, where a Sample Cover of the prior Metal Boat Quarterly is also available. You can download the MBQ 1997 Special Edition, "Marine Metals Reference" (180k file size).

You can also download the MBQ 1998 Special Edition "Corrosion Zincs & Bonding" (320k file size) at the bottom of the Articles and Other Links web page. The MBQ Corrosion, Zincs & Bonding issue speaks at length to the problem of bonding aboard boats (boats made of any material, in addition to metal boats). In particular, the ABYC rules are explained and they are also questioned in places. This MBQ Corrosion, Zincs and Bonding booklet will perhaps be somewhat boring reading to some - unless of course, you have a boat and it happens to have some metal immersed in seawater...!

Also see the 1999 MBS Festival Poster - an excellent metal boat graphic by Joaquin Silva.

The Current Metal Boat Quarterly

Now under revolving editorship as of September 2000, the MBQ was given a new format and newly re-focused content aimed squarely at the amateur backyard boat builder. Photographs and color graphics are now included.

The MBQ editorship is now a rotating elected position. In its present form the MBQ is primarily focused on being a hands-on "nuts and bolts" resource for the backyard amateur metal boat builder. For complete membership information and up to date Metal Boat Society information, you'll find contact information at our Metal Boat Society page.

Links to Metal Boat Society web pages that have been hosted by Kasten Marine Design since 1998 are as follows:

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