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The 28' Fantail Cutter "BEDOUIN"

28' Cutter - BEDOUIN
Perspective of Internal Framing | Fwd Perspective | Aft Perspective
Side Perspective | Above Aft Perspective

Hull Form

Bedouin is a "sister" vessel to Sarah Cat. Bedouin was created with the same goals in mind: that of being easy to afford, easy to trailer, and easy to beach. For the sake of easy trailering, there is a tabernacle for the mast. Rather than use a center board as with Sarah Cat, there are twin keels. The twin keels are for the purpose of sailing performance with shoal draft, to achieve trailerability, to allow the boat to take the ground upright, and for improved roll attenuation. The twin keels also contain ballast for safe offshore sailing. As with Sarah Cat, Bedouin has a secure well-deck forward, a small self bailing cockpit, and an easily handled rig.


A Bermuda cutter rig is specified. One could as easily refer to this rig as being a sloop. It is a matter of opinion... Please see the preliminary Sail Plan.

An alternate possibility is the Chinese Lug rig, easier to handle, easier to reef, but heavier so slightly less easy to raise. With either rig, there is no need for sail track. A lacing line is used instead, so that the sail will not bind when raising or lowering.

The spars are aluminum pipe. When painted, most folks assume they are wooden spars. Aluminum pipe is considerably stronger and weighs nearly the same. Since the fittings are fully welded in place, this combination is much easier to fabricate and requires less maintenance than wood.


The interior accommodations are designed for comfort while seated. The galley is aft in order to take advantage of a large hatch overhead for standing room. The settee and forward double berth extend around the mast, and a table is located right aft of the mast. Check out Bedouin's planned Layout. Seating is quite comfortable due to the cabin having been extended right to the deck edge. The seating area of the interior is over eight feet wide...!

Four Trailerable Sister Ships

A group of four 'sister' vessels each of which share the same hull form and general configuration have been preliminarily detailed as concept designs, one of which is shown here.   Check out each of the four sisters at the following links:

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23' Sarah Cat - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
The smaller 23' Sarah Cat with the same Hull, Deck House and Rigging arrangement as the 28' Bedouin.

Trailerable Boats