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The 36' Double Ended Cutter "FANTOM"

Sail Plan - 36' Fantom - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

Hull Form

This vessel was inspired by the Colin Archer boat of the same name. In this form, Fantom was created to sail the Northwest Passage. North of Canada, ice is just a fact of life. The hull shape and materials were specifically chosen for the rigors of those harsh conditions. Particulars are: 36' LOA x 33' 2" LWL x 11' Beam x 6' 0" Draft. Having a design displacement of 30,000# she is of "medium" weight at D/L 367.

The intent was to create a rounded hull steel vessel with a "V" shape to the bottom in case of being frozen into the ice. An additional requirement was that she be easy to plate. This latter requirement was met by using a shape which would be able to be plated with flat plate for around 80 percent of the surface. The remaining plate would be rolled to fit, a task that is readily done or can be sent out to a shop with the rolling equipment. Rather than being a "radius chine" hull type, Fantom has a true rounded hull. It is achieved with exactly the same amount of labor, and the result is far more appealing. To see an image of Fantom's hull shape, click here.

With a wide expanse of deck, a secure cockpit, and all steel construction, this boat is just about as simple and bullet proof as they come.


The accommodations were originally intended for a solo sailor, although it would be a simple matter to create a larger double berth forward of the mast. The galley is aft, and has full walking-around room without having to climb the hull sides! The settee has full seated headroom above, and the sole is good and wide for those days in the north where the cabin is your only world.


With plenty of sail area, performance will be sufficient to do without big light weather sails. The rake of the mast is quite intentional. It keeps the boom out of the water when sailing off the wind, and makes lowering sail very easy. Also, the masthead is above the cabin top for loading a tender there. A gaff rig option is also provided. The intent with either rig is that the sail will be laced on at the mast, using a "forth and back" lacing line. With that, there is no need for track, and the sail never binds or gives any trouble at all. The loose footed main sail permits more sail area, and avoids any side load on the boom, allowing the boom to be lighter and easier to handle.

The spars are all aluminum pipe. When painted, most people (even experienced sailors!) will take them for wooden spars. The aluminum pipe is considerably stronger than wood. The fittings are fully welded in place. This combination is easier to fabricate and requires less maintenance than any other spar material.

The steering vane is not really a requirement, since the boat will self steer very capably via a sheet-to-tiller arrangement, making use of the stays'l boom, a few blocks, some line, a bungee cord, and the tiller. Most people don't believe that this works. It does!! The wind vane is there by client request.

Sister Ships...!

A second design, the Greybeard, was also developed more or less at the same time as Fantom. Greybeard is slightly larger (longer overhangs), has a slightly different shape to the bow profile, and has a permanent backstay / boomkin arrangement. My own preference is for the relative simplicity of Fantom. Although there is no question that a permanent backstay provides better mast support, Fantom is intentionally designed to be able to do without. Simplicity is its own reward...!

We have also investigated the Fantom design in larger sizes, for example at 50 feet on deck length: 50' Fantom Perspective Fwd.

Sail Plan - 36' Fantom - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.