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The 38' Double Ended Cutter "GREYBEARD"

Copyright 1999 - 2004 Michael Kasten

The 36' Cutter - Greybeard - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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Hull Form

Greybeard, like her sister ship Fantom, was created to sail the Northwest Passage North of Canada and other arctic waters. Particulars are: 38' LOA x 34' 4" LWL x 11 6" Beam x 6' 0" Draft. With a design displacement of 32,420 pounds, Greybeard is of "medium" weight at D/L 358.

Sister Ship...!

A second design, the Fantom, was developed more or less at the same time as Greybeard. Greybeard was made longer, the 'sprit was changed to an "A" frame, and a boomkin was added to permit a permanent backstay. The rig on Greybeard is larger and has additional shrouds for support. The mast was given a tabernacle mount to make it easy to lower.

Greybeard has the same "V" shape to the bottom in case of being frozen into the ice, and makes use of the same easy to plate hull shape. With Greybeard, the cabin trunk is smaller and lower, the cockpit is smaller yet, and there is very slightly more freeboard than with Fantom.


The accommodations were set up for a secure quarter berth with a chart desk at the head of the berth. The galley, all to port, extends right to the large settee area. As with Fantom, it would be a simple matter to create a larger double berth forward of the mast. Forward is a very large head area. In all, the interior is as simple and uncluttered as the rest of the boat.


See the comments for Fantom regarding the rig and the materials chosen. In this case, the rig is robust in the extreme. The steering vane was provided to both vessels, even though these boats will self steer very nicely. A stays'l boom was not provided on Greybeard, but could easily be added for the sake of self steering using a sheet-to-tiller set up.

38' Cutter Greybeard - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.