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The Tug Yacht


The 32' Tug Yacht TERRIER - Kasten Marine Design, Inc

Terrier Outboard Profile | Terrier Interior P & A | Perspective Forward | Perspective Aft

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The original intent of the Terrier design was to create a coastwise and offshore small motor yacht for family cruising. Terrier is capable of occasional light towing as well as long range ocean voyaging.

The accommodations are intended for a couple with an occasional guest. As is, Terrier is a compact and tidy craft... just right!

Particulars are:

Having a design displacement of 15,500 lbs, Terrier is of medium weight, at D/L 319. Displacement will vary from around 14,000 lbs. when lightly loaded, to a maximum capacity of around 19,500 lbs. with tanks full, and the boat ready for a journey.

One of the concepts for this design was to have a layout and configuration that would allow for occasional light towing. One example we had in mind would be that Terrier could be used for "beach logging" in order to salvage adrift or beached logs and tow them to a location for milling. Another good possibility would be for use as a companion vessel to a small barge-house or houseboat such as my 36' Drifter design - rather an ideal combination for life on the water...

A cool Poster of the Terrier was created by Joaquin Silva, son of Pete Silva, builders of the first Terrier. A sister ship of the Terrier with an alternate interior layout is our prototype design, the Talisker 32. A larger vessel in the Terrier series of designs is the tug yacht design Nidaros 38... Check them out...!

Tug Yacht TERRIER - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

Propulsion Equipment

The diesel engine should be 35 to 50 horsepower continuous rating. If light-duty towing is anticipated or for continuous heavy weather traveling or for ice, the higher end of the power range would be preferred. Note however that a higher horsepower engine will only use more fuel, while not providing any greater speed. In other words, additional power will not be necessary unless extreme conditions or towing or ice would be regularly encountered.

Hull speed for Terrier is around 7.2 knots. Beyond 6.5 knots the resistance curve begins a steep climb and fuel economy suffers proportionately. For example, at 6.5 knots less than 15 hp will move the boat and consume around 0.93 gallons per hour, and a range of over 1,900 NM is possible. At 6 knots, using 10 HP the range would be close to 2,600 NM. At 5.5 knots, range would be above 3,000 NM unless heavy weather were a factor.

A Vetus shaft assembly has been specified and is an excellent choice. A 2" shaft is correct for the 35 hp engine. Naturally an engine with more horsepower will require a larger diameter shaft.

The propeller revolutions should be kept within the range of between 500 and 750 RPM. Therefore the gear reduction ratio will depend on the engine's rated RPM. Maximum propeller size is 25" diameter. In any case, a slower turning heavier engine will be a more dependable and more durable power source.

An example of one ideal combination of power and drive train is the Lister Alpha of 35 to 50 hp mated to a Sabb controllable pitch gear and propeller. In fact, this very combination is supplied by Sabb directly and can be shipped anywhere in the world at a very reasonable cost. An alternate concept would be to make use of the recently released diesel-electric package from Beta Marine, available in various sizes (which uses a robust Kubota tractor engine as its base).

As-Built Photos... Terrier #1

As Built Starb'd | As Built Port | As Built Aft | As Built Stack Detail

As-Built Photos... Terrier #2

32' Terrier on the Bosphorus, Turkey
32' Terrier on the Bosporus
Builder Brochure: Gazal Tug & Trawler, Turkey

32' Terrier in Istanbul, Turkey
32' Terrier in Istanbul, Turkey
Builder Brochure: Gazal Tug & Trawler, Turkey

Plans and Vessel Specification

Terrier is one of our smaller motor vessels. To illustrate an example of a typical small craft Vessel Specification, I have provided the complete Terrier Vessel Specification online. The Terrier Vessel Spec is shown here just as it would be supplied to the owner and / or builder when Building Plans are purchased. The Vessel Spec for Terrier is quite simple. Larger vessels involve a much more elaborate Vessel Spec, amounting to some 50 to 80 or more pages. As always, the Vessel Spec. is accompanied by a complete Equipment List.

Together with the first few drawings of the Building Plans, these documents and drawings make up our usual Estimating Plans packet. If the Building Plans are of interest, the Terrier Vessel Specification provides information regarding which plans sheets are included in the Building Plans packet.

For more information please see our Plans List for the price of Building Plans.

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The excellent graphic below was created by Joaquin Silva for the 1999 MBS Festival,
a rendition of the 32' Terrier, the first of which was built by Joaquin and his father Pete Silva.

1999 Metal Boat Society Festival Poster - Joaquin Silva

Direct Quote from an aluminum boat owner... As an owner since 5 years of an aluminum boat I could not agree more with your preference for this material. She is a great boat and requires very little in the way of maintenance. I do a lot more reef snorkeling than the paint, polish, varnish and wax guys!

--Peter Kminek