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78' Fantail Schooner


A Classic Charter Schooner Concept

78' Fantail Schooner - PATHAWAY
Larger Aft View | Larger Side View | View from Above

Copyright 2008 Michael Kasten

General Concept

A modification of the Wylde Pathaway lineage, this 78' schooner is just under the size restriction in terms of crew requirements for chartering, so is intended to be subject to less regulation. On the basis of creating a traditional fantail in the clipper ship tradition with a rounded hull and clipper bow, we have the model shown here, preliminarily called "Pathaway."

Preliminary data and dimensions are:

As a prototype, the draft, beam, displacement, etc. all can be adjusted to suit. The fantail stern is a natural end for a metal boat (in my view anyway) and the clipper bow blends with the clipper tradition perfectly.

Though rounded, the hull is designed for easy plating. The only areas with sufficient transverse curvature to require forming are in the area of the turn of the bilge, where there would ordinarily be a "radius" chine. Rather than that, we prefer to use an all-rounded shape, but one which makes use of only a gentle curve in the topsides and bottom for the sake of easy plating with flat sheet materials. This is just as easy to build as a radius chine, and the result is vastly more appealing.

The keel is a NACA foil, as is the rudder. The keel is also more modernized in profile for the sake of excellent for windward sailing and for good tracking. The sweep-back is a benefit when sailing off the wind, since the forefoot is not so deep like the clipper ships, so will not dig into the trough when sailing fast downwind.

The houses can be whatever suits the layout inside. I think a flush fore deck would be a delight, and for charters this vessel is large enough to have a 'lounge' on deck.

A simplified gaff schooner rig has been planned in order to use aluminum pipe for spars, with modern sail materials having a performance-oriented sail cut. A raffee and square-course on the fore mast would also be very fitting. Combined with a set of main stays'ls, the rig would then be that of a brigantine. Whether schooner or brigantine rigged, our primary goals for the design are fast cruising, windward ability, simplicity of materials, ruggedness, reasonableness of cost to build and maintain.... all wrapped in a classic form.

For more information please inquire.

78' Fantail Schooner - Pathaway