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Fast Aluminum Sailing Yachts

45' Sloop & 60' Ketch

Copyright 2004 - 2014 Michael Kasten

60' Alloy Ketch - ZEB - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.

60' Ketch Perspective Above Aft | 60' Ketch Perspective Above Side | 60' Ketch Perspective Above | Proposed Ketch Sail Plan

The Concept

Planned for fast ocean voyaging, these prototype designs have been configured with a skeg hung rudder and a relatively shoal draft fin keel with a ballast bulb. The purpose of the bulb is in order to concentrate the ballast as well as to provide an 'end-plate' effect for the fin keel. The skeg hung rudder in combination with this kind of keel will provide excellent windward ability and accurate tracking at sea.

Aluminum for the hull, deck and house structures would be optimum, although steel would also be possible. The radius chine shape is easy to achieve, and allows plating the majority of the surfaces with flat panel material.

These prototypes illustrate the flexibility inherent in computer modeling, having been developed directly from the 96' Zebulun design, a fast sailing charter schooner.

45' Sloop Layout

The sloop version at 45 feet on deck is planned to have sleeping for four, a generous galley / saloon, and a private owner's cabin. The point of showing a 45 foot version is to illustrate that this design is very flexible. It could be revised down to 35 feet, or increased in size as needed. We have shown larger versions elsewhere, including the 65' Rachel, the 96' Zebulun and the 118' Leah.

45' Sloop Perspective

60' Ketch Layout

As in the image shown above, a hard dodger is used on deck, open on the aft end, and having covered settees inside. There is also an exterior cockpit. A few images in the following links show the idea...

Perspective Above Aft | Perspective Above Side | Perspective Above

With enough deck space aft to stow a shore boat on the aft deck, it would be ideal to have two stairways down to the swim platform, one against the hull side on each side. Then it would be possible to access the swim platform even with the shore boat stowed on the aft deck. At the top, the stairways would emerge onto the aft side decks.

There would be a vertical transom face in-between the stairways to the swim-deck. With a WT door in the aft transom face, there would be excellent access to the lazarette via the swim platform. That would provide a convenient stowage spot for the outboard motor as well as dive gear or other water toys.

With one continuous low cabin trunk, the interior sole would be at a single level. The engine would be located be placed below the inner cockpit deck (below the hard dodger). There would be plenty of room for other mechanical systems in there, as well as good access.

Outboard of the engine room, it would be ideal to have a quarter berth on each side. These could even be doubles. My own favored layout from there forward would be to have a galley to port, nav station to starb'd, then just forward of that, settees with pilot berths outboard and a large coffee table in-between, then a head / shower to port and starb'd, and then right forward to have an owner's cabin with 'island' style berth on center right forward. This is quite similar to the forward layout I've created for the 50' Renegade or the 60' Peregrine.

The Rig

The ketch rig would be ideal for the 60 footer, and the sloop rig for the 45 footer.

The ketch rig on the larger craft provides excellent ocean cruising benefits, yields a generous sail area, provides a variety of well-balanced sail combinations, and allows the sails to be a more manageable size. The mains'l - the largest sail - is well inboard where it can be handled with the greatest safety. The ketch rig would be configured as in the Proposed Ketch Sail Plan, which is similar to the Sonja 50 Proposed Sail Plan.

The sloop rig on the smaller craft would be of the same type. The sloop rig allows the boom to be proportionately longer and the mast proportionately taller. This encourages a slightly deeper keel, and provides just a bit better windward ability.


Being a prototype, there are any number of combinations that would be equally possible, not only with the rig but also with the hull form, the interior, the preferred materials and so on... This kind of flexibility is the key benefit of working with a prototype or new design. For further information, please inquire.

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60' ZEB - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Above: The 60' Ketch