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The Charter Yacht / River Tour Boat


Copyright 2011 Michael Kasten

AMAZON 100 - A Coastal & River Tour Boat
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The Concept

I was asked to develop a concept for a hospital ship that could navigate rivers, and this is the result. The request was also that there be a 'native' feel to the vessel in terms of its styling - thus the traditionally styled hull and cabin. You could easily envision Humphrey Bogart and a larger more modern African Queen..!

The shallow draft and low profile are practical features for the sake of easily navigating rivers, to visit estuaries, and to cruise to coastal regions and nearby islands. Although truly pelagic ocean travel would certainly be within this vessel's capabilities, even though the original mission statement did not require it.

This model is 100 feet on deck, but could be any other size that seemed to suit the interior. The house is rather long for the sake of interior accommodations - plenty of space in a hull built very simply in steel.

Per the original concept, a large enclosed cabin would be located within the on-deck house aft of the pilot house / bridge, in this case to be used as a day-clinic. Tanks, propulsion machinery and other equipment would be below the house, aft of the bridge. Crew and professional staff accommodations would be below forward, and would extend below the pilot house / bridge. Simple yet effective.

This hull and cabin configuration could be equally well adapted to private yachting, or to being a tour boat. For example, as a tour boat the long house aft of the bridge would be ideal as a passenger area for day use, or could be a large dining room for dinner charters or celebrity chef experiences. As a private yacht, the on-deck cabin could be used as a combination galley / parlor / dining room, with the accommodations below being ample for crew, owners, and guests.

Although not shown, there could be a low-profile or fold-down flying bridge for use as a helm station as needed. The remainder of the house top would make a perfect spot for stowage of kayaks, river canoes, or sailing shore-boats. The house top is large enough to have room left over for use as a "lanai" or observation deck.

100' AMAZON River Tour Boat - Kasten Marine Design, Inc
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The beam of this model is 22 feet (6.7m), draft is under 7 feet (2.1m) and length on deck is 100 feet (30.5m). Displacement will be around 210k lbs or roughly 94 long tons (95 metric tons). Although steel could be used throughout, possibly the best combination would be to use steel for the hull, deck, bulwarks and the lower half of the house, with a wooden structure above the window sills (a common arrangement). Another option would be to use aluminum for the entire house and house top structure.

These are just a few preliminary notions, any of which are subject to change depending on one's eventual requirements.

If further development of this type of vessel is of interest, please feel free to inquire for more information about that process.

AMAZON 100 - A Coastal & River Tour Boat
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