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The 164' Motor Yacht


164' Peregrine - Classic Asian Styled Motor Yacht - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Port Side - Black Hull
| Starb'd Side - Black Hull

Copyright 2009 - 2012 Michael Kasten

The Concept

The concept for this prototype was to create an aesthetically pleasing "traditional looking" motor yacht that would fit in very well in any Asian port. As such, although it is intended to blend in aesthetically, it is obviously a "yacht" in no uncertain terms..! An additional goal was to keep the height, depth, and beam relatively modest, in order to allow navigating the widest selection of harbors and waterways. Further, the goal was to achieve an extreme economy propulsion under way, thus the relatively long and narrow, relatively shoal draft hull form.

The design has been named "Peregrine" in order to honor its inherent world-expeditionary capabilities, but also in order to honor its heritage in terms of the hull design, which is simply a much larger version of my 60' Peregrine prototype motor yacht design. The links above show renderings of the preliminary model created within Maxsurf. The hull would be easily driven with a minimum of power - very much as with our other designs in the Peregrine family: the 43' Moxie, the 49' Quinn and the 50' Renegade.

Hull Form

The hull is a single chine type, in order to provide economy of construction in steel, but also to provide the maximum stability without resorting to deep draft. The general shape is a V-bottom reminiscent of the US east coast skipjacks. The fantail stern is from the traditional US sharpies and the early steam yachts of the 20th century. It is the perfect shape for the stern of a metal boat. The prominent bow has a Southeast Asian look... Thailand; Indonesia; India...?

Preliminary Dimensions are:


Construction is intended to be either all aluminum, or steel for the hull and deck, with aluminum house structures and a light weight cored-panel interior. The objective here is not extreme high performance, but rather extreme efficiency under power for the sake of achieving extreme economy of operation.


Since Peregrine is extremely long and slender, a maximum hull speed of around 21 knots is possible, which would require somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 hp...!

Those last few knots however cost quite a lot... Ideally therefore, power will be a more modest 2,000 hp, which should be sufficient to achieve a continuous 16 knots. The most efficient voyaging speed for this vessel is around 14 knots, for which approximately 1,000 hp will suffice.

To achieve a 4,000 NM range would be the ideal, and would open worldwide travel options. For this, approximately 20,000 USG of fuel would suffice. For a considerably longer endurance under power, it is a simple matter to back off a few knots. It is quite dramatic how much greater range is possible at slower speeds. At 12 knots, for example, range would be some 50% greater...


With 164 feet of overall length to play with, myriad options are possible. Most desirable perhaps would be to have a luxury owner's suite within the aft end of the upper house, with an office, navigation and piloting forward. The most likely accommodation for the main deck would place a luxury guest suite right forward, with a library just aft of that, then a galley and large pantry leading aft into a full width dining room and very spacious salon at the aft end of the main deck house. Below, just aft of amidships it is most favorable to have the engine room. Forward of that, guest suites, and forward farther, a crew galley, mess, and crew quarters. Aft of the engine room is an ideal spot for a "control room" for sound-isolated observation and monitoring of the engine room, and aft of that, the ship's laundry, and , not to be slighted in any way... the all important water toy storage... Dive gear and whatever else is desired.


The 164' Motor Yacht Peregrine is a prototype design - as yet merely an idea offered as inspiration for what it might become. The goal has been to achieve a timeless classic aesthetic; a generous interior accommodation; a modest profile; an efficient hull type; and an overall presentation that would "fit-in" as a traditionally styled yacht regardless of where the vessel may be found, be it the South China Sea, or the South of France...

164' Motor Yacht - PEREGRINE - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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