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The Motor Yacht


82' Peregrine - Classic Dream Yacht - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Aft View
| Forward View

Copyright 2011 Michael Kasten

The Concept

A long and low profile for living aboard, ocean travel, and canal / river cruising, with the primary accommodations below forward having an aft pilot house and second dining area. The result is another prototype design in my "Peregrine" series. The hull is a long and slender type that is intended to be easily driven with a minimum of power - very much as with our other designs in this family: the 43' Moxie, the 49' Quinn the 50' Renegade, and the 62' Peregrine. More recently, I've added yet another, the 100' Amazon which has a long on-deck cabin, rather than having all the accommodations below.

Hull Form

In order to provide the simplest construction in metal, the hull is a classic single chine type. The shape is therefore a V-bottom, in this case reminiscent of the US east coast sharpies and skipjacks. The fantail stern is from the traditional US sharpies and the early steam yachts of the 20th century. It is the perfect shape for the stern of a metal boat. The prominent bow has a Southeast Asian look, equally at home in US or European waters.

Dimensions are:


As planned, this vessel would be built in steel for the hull, deck, and house structures. The aft house, in combination with the long flush foredeck provides the ideal combination of buoyancy and a low center of gravity. With this, there will be 100% positive stability - in other words, self righting and all-ocean capability.

This kind of hull has a generous water-plane in comparison to its overall displacement, which provides excellent reserve capacity to carry fuel for long range under power. Ideally, systems will be kept relatively simple - more or less in keeping with my notions about Nomadic Watercraft.


The average WL length for Peregrine is around 71 feet. Typically, that would translate into a hull speed of around 11 knots, for which approximately 150 hp would be required. Since the Peregrine 82 is long and slender, a maximum hull speed of around 16 knots is possible, which would require close to 500 hp... Since the last knot or two is quite costly, certainly a more modest 12 knots would be suitable as a sustained cruise speed, for which approximately 185 hp would suffice. This is well within the power capability of the excellent John Deere 6068-TFM diesel.

With 1,250 US gallons of fuel, range will be around 3,200 miles in the half load condition, assuming a voyaging speed of around 9 knots, at which only 55 - 60 hp are being used...! In other words, very economical for long range voyaging under power.

Accommodations Below & On Deck

There is no substitute for length when it comes to creating a generous living space. You can see the layout I have planned for the 64' version of Peregrine in the Interior Plan and Interior Profile sketches. With another 20 feet of boat length available, the accommodation spaces on the 82' Peregrine can be expanded with a variety of options, a few of which are as follows...

In all the Peregrine series designs, the Pilot House is intended to provide a sitting room with a view. In the larger sizes, there is quite a generous lounge / dinette in the pilot house so that all passengers can view the harbor, or the scenery as it goes by under way. In the case this much larger 82' Peregrine, there is also the possibility to have a service area / wet bar / small galley. The Pilot House doors are on each side of the bridge area, and exit just aft of the step-down from the flush fore-deck to the aft deck. The interior of the pilot house and on-deck saloon is at the same height as the exterior aft deck.

A companionway will lead below from the Pilot House, entering the galley below. To port of the companionway below is a long bureau, housing a laundry and hanging locker. To starb'd of that is a large U-shaped galley.

A large saloon is located forward of the galley. Two long curved seats along each side have a low "coffee table" between. At the aft end of the saloon seats is a cabinet / book case / sideboard.

Forward of the saloon is where the layout is able to diverge from that of the smaller 64' Peregrine. In this case, there is enough length available to provide a pair of guest cabins, plus a pair of generous head compartments, one to port for guests and to starb'd to serve the owner's suite right forward. Each head compartment would be complete with a combination shower / bathtub...

Within the forward master stateroom are a pair of large bureaus, one to each side, which also contain a pair of hanging lockers. At 82' overall length, there would be enough space in the master cabin to also include a powder desk to starb'd and an office desk to port. A large "Kahn" sized berth would be located on center, right forward.

Forward of the master cabin there would be quite a large fore peak for anchor rode, dock lines, fenders, etc. - in fact large enough to contain a small work space, complete with vice and other tools. A hatch leads from the fore-peak up to the well-deck forward.

The well-deck forward provides a good anchor handling spot. The rather enormous foredeck provides a great area for sun bathing. A simple awning over a fore-boom would provide a bit of shade, or good shelter from a tropical downpour.

On the aft deck, there is plenty of space for a wrap around seat astern with a dining or coffee table on center, plus an aft facing seat along the aft end of the Pilot House for snoozing or wake-watching. A covered aft deck like this is ideal regardless of climate, providing shade in the tropics and shelter from the weather elsewhere. The aft deck could even be enclosed by a series of canvas and vinyl weather cloths, or by canvas and screen, or even by wood and glass, to allow its use in all weathers.


So far the 82' Peregrine is a prototype design - yet another in a series of designs that I've created as an example of my own ideal type of blue water / coastwise motor yacht. For each of these designs I have been my own customer...! Links to the other designs in this series are below.

The adventure with these boats has been to nail down a style that gives each of them a timeless classic aesthetic; generous interior accommodations without crowding; a low profile for canal cruising; a hull type that lends itself to economical construction; an easily driven hull form; and an overall presentation that would "fit-in" regardless of where the yacht may be found, whether that may be in the South China Sea, the South of France, or the Caribbean.

Designed / imagined as my own ideal motor yacht type, I believe the 82' Peregrine has considerable merit for permanent living aboard, entertaining, intimate charters, and for long range cruising...!

82' Peregrine - Classic Dream Yacht - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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