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The 36' Trawler Yacht


Blue Horizon - A 36' Pocket Trawler Yacht by Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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Perspective Aft | Perspective Above

Copyright 2007 Michael Kasten

General Concept

The intent of this design has been to create trawler yacht for construction in steel that makes use of the excellent layout of the Greatheart 36. The goal has been to keep the design as simple as possible for the sake of economy, and as rugged and seaworthy as possible for the sake of being able to make long range ocean passages. Of course, having sufficient displacement for steel construction, aluminum is equally possible. In aluminum, very hefty scantlings are possible - in which case the strength would be even greater than steel.

As can be seen in the links above, we have modeled this design with and without bilge keels. We do not have a strong preference, since there are advantages both ways. Please see our articles on Roll Attenuation and on Bilge Keels.

Power requirements are modest, therefore engine choices are many. One fine engine is the John Deer 4 cylinder diesel, rated at 75 horsepower continuous. A similarly sized engine is available from Lugger. It would be ideal to make use of a Sabb gear and controllable pitch propeller. Other engines chosen should be slow turning, and approximately in the range of from 65hp to 75 hp.

Interior Arrangement

As with the Greatheart 36, the accommodations below and in the pilot house are intended to provide comfortable cruising for two people on extended passages, with the occasional addition of one or two guests. In other words, the layout is intended to be identical to that of the Greatheart 36... Please see the following images that show the intended layout (but within the Greatheart 36 hull form...):

Interior Layout Plan | Interior Profile Layout

One of the forward settees extends out to become a temporary double. A generous owner's cabin aft provides ultimate privacy and a true "double bed" size berth. With the wheel house above the engine room amidships, all is in balance and there is plenty of room for machinery and tanks. One great feature of this boat is the aft facing seat on the sun deck aft!

The Blue Horizon 36 will be an extremely economical boat to build and to cruise. By design, these all metal vessels are strong, safe, stable and efficient, offering trans-ocean capability and cozy local cruising. Possibly the ideal trawler for a cruising a couple...?

In all, quite a perfect little ship....!

Design Genesis

Several of our designs share the Greatheart / Gulliver hull type. In this case however, we combined the bow shape of the Greatheart / Gulliver types forward with the fantail stern of the Boojum / Buster / Chantage series aft. This hull design is therefore essentially a much smaller version of the Chantage 64 without the 'clipper' styling at the bow.

On the Blue Horizon 36, there is more beam than on the Greatheart 36, and the hull body is deeper. As a result there is a bit more room available for the interior. This has also provided the displacement required for construction in steel.

For more information about developing this prototype design, inquire.  

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