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The 36' Trawler Yacht


36' Pocket Trawler - VAGABOND - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Perspective Forward | Perspective Aft | Perspective Above

Copyright 2014 Michael Kasten


As with her close sister the Greatheart 36, the intent of the Vagabond 36 has been to create a simple, economical and rugged aluminum 'pocket trawler yacht' for coastwise cruising and ocean passages. Power requirements are modest, allowing many engine choices.  An engine of any make having 50 hp will be very adequate to drive the vessel, and predicted top speed with that power is around 7.5 knots.

One very fine engine is the Lister 4 cylinder Alpha, available in horsepower ratings from 40 hp to 55 hp. It would be ideal to couple the Lister engine to a Sabb HVP-25 gear and controllable pitch propeller. In fact, this very combination is available directly from Sabb, maker of the CP gear.

Dimensions of the Vagabond 36 are:

Interior Arrangement

The accommodations below and in the pilot house will provide comfortable cruising for a couple with the occasional addition of one or two guests.  A description of the interior that we have planned is as follows...

Starting right forward is a forepeak, aft of which is a sleeping cabin having a large double berth and ample storage cabinets outboard.  Aft of the forward cabin is the galley to port, and the head / shower to starb'd. 

Above and aft of the galley / head is the pilot house / deck house.  Right forward in the deck house is a piloting area with two forward facing seats.   In the aft end of the deck house is a large wrap-around settee and table. 

To port and starb'd of the piloting area are doors leading to both side decks and to the aft deck.  On the aft deck, an aft facing seat is to be built on the aft face of the deck house.

 Below the piloting area is the engine room, located amidships for the best balance.  Below the deck house there is plenty of room for machinery and tanks.

The Vagabond 36 will be an economical boat to build and to cruise. By design, the Vagabond / Greatheart / Braveheart series of boats are strong, safe, stable and efficient, offering trans-ocean capability and cozy local cruising.

36' Pocket Trawler VAGABOND - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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Perspective Forward | Perspective Aft | Perspective Above

Design Genesis

As with our other designs in this series of designs that use a similar hull form, the Vagabond 36 has been adapted from real trawlers - US West Coast fishing vessels which have to operate in all weathers - including in the Gulf of Alaska, a place where the ocean is really rather unfriendly. Our aim has been to retain the excellent sea keeping qualities of those working craft, and to refine their lines into 'yacht' form to achieve a more easily driven hull with relatively light displacement. The following links illustrate similar vessels in the Vagabond / Greatheart / Braveheart series...

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In order to achieve a proportionately longer waterline and more interior space without increasing boat length, we developed another series of designs based on the same hull form, but with a more upright stem and transom. Combined, this reduces the overhangs and increases the WL length for a higher inherent speed, and to gain more interior space without increasing overall hull length. Check out the following links for boats in the Vagabond series...

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For more information on this or other designs, please inquire

Direct Quote from an aluminum boat owner...
As an owner since 5 years of an aluminum boat I could not agree more with your preference for this material. She is a great boat and requires very little in the way of maintenance. I do a lot more reef snorkeling than the paint, polish, varnish and wax guys!

--Peter Kminek