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38 Meter Indonesian Sailing Pinisi


125' Length On Deck

38m Sailing Phinisi
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Exterior Profile | Interior Profile | Main Deck | Guest Deck | Alt Guest Deck | Crew Deck
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Copyright 2008 - 2016 Michael Kasten

The owner's original name for this vessel was SAMPAJAY.  Since the vessel was fully commissioned in 2015, she sails as the AMANDIRA under charter to Aman Resorts, whose aim is always to offer the highest level of luxury to those who have the good fortune to join them onboard.

The 38m design shown here is a larger and greatly improved version of my 36m Pinisi, Silolona design (developed in 2001).  It is closely styled after my 50m Sailing Pinisi design (developed in 2007) and my 30m Pinisi, Datu Bua design (developed in 2008).  They have all been modeled after the traditional Indonesian Sailing Pinisi.  The AMANDIRA is the most recent of the fleet, and brings forth the best features from among our prior Pinisi and KLM designs.

First though, a clarification is in order...  It is common among charter operators to quote a vessel's length in terms of everything that "sticks out" even including the flag pole...!  However that practice is incorrect and is quite misleading.  For example on the AMANDIRA the length from the tip of the bowsprit to the end of the farthest object astern is approximately 52 meters, which is likely to be the length most often quoted.   But it is the length of the "boat part" that is of primary importance to the naval architect; to the builder; and to the classification society.  This is ordinarily taken as being the length over the range of the weather deck, which in this case is 38 meters...!  Quite a difference...!

 Particulars are:

The emphasis of this design has been to create a highly traditional sailing Pinisi for construction by local craftsmen in Indonesia; to involve worldwide standards with regard to structure and stability; to provide sailing performance in keeping with a traditional sailing vessel; and in so doing to provide a degree high luxury to the charter guests who travel onboard.  

38m Phinisi AMANDIRA - Kasten Marine Design, Inc. - Photo Courtesy of Jacques Gast
AMANDIRA - Click for Larger Image

The Interior Layout

For the AMANDIRA, comfort and privacy have been my primary goals in designing the interior layout.   At 38m length on deck, this design is large enough to accommodate four luxury Guest Cabins below forward, plus a large Owner's Cabin on deck aft.  On deck amidships there is a comfortable Guest Lounge.  Each cabin has its own private en-suite head and shower, and all accommodation spaces are air conditioned.  For comfortable sailing in the tropics, excellent ventilation has been given the highest priority.

To best understand the vessel's interior please see the layout views in the links given above and the Interior Profile below. The following walk-through should clarify whatever is not readily apparent in those images...

38m AMANDIRA Interior Profile - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
AMANDIRA Interior Profile - Click for Larger Image 

Below Decks

Right forward below the main deck is the forepeak which contains a Chain Locker and Bosun's Locker. Aft of that is a Tour-Guide or Stewardess Cabin and Laundry. Just aft of the Laundry are four luxury-sized Guest Staterooms, each with en-suite Head and Shower.  Aft of the Guest Suites is the Engine Room, sized to contain the various support systems for chartering, including two main generators, a 'pony' generator, dive compressor, large capacity reverse osmosis system for fresh water, pumps, electrical panels, etc. Aft of the Engine Room are the Galley and Crew Cabins.  In all, accommodations are provided for 14 crew. Aft of the Crew Cabins on the Galley-deck is a Cool-Room for food supplies.

38m AMANDIRA Guest Deck - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
AMANDIRA Guest Deck Layout - Click for Larger Image 

Main Deck

The forward Main Deck is the primary socializing area during the day.  At night it is a favorite place to party and to sleep under the stars.

Just aft of amidships on the Main Deck is a Lounge for guest dining that is protected from the weather.  The Lounge contains the on-board entertainment system and a large flat-screen display.  A stairway leads directly from the Lounge forward and down to the Guest Suite hallway below.  Aft of the Lounge and a git higher higher up is the Bridge. From the Aft Deck, a stairwell leads down to the Galley and Crew Cabins. This stairwell also provides ready access to the engine room from the Bridge. Right aft within the Aft House is a large Owner's Cabin, opening onto the privacy of the aft deck.  Forward of the Owner's Cabin is a generous Head and Shower that spans the full width of the Deck House. 

38m AMANDIRA Main Deck - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
AMANDIRA Main Deck Layout - Click for Larger Image 

Sails, Power, Range

The sail rig is relatively "modern" by comparison to the usual Indonesian Pinisi, even though it has a quite traditional appearance. The rig is taller than would usually be the case among Indonesian vessels, which allows for a more effective sail area. The spars were designed as steel tube. With tapers at the ends they appear to any casual observer to be traditional wooden spars. Steel however provides the strength needed in order to achieve adequate sail area and is quite easily fabricated. The sails are all modern Dacron, halyards are three strand soft laid Dacron, halyard and sheet blocks have wood cheeks and ball bearings for low friction hauling, and in general the rig is arranged for easy handling.

Unlike the traditional Bugis schooners which use "standing" gaffs and loose footed sails that are brailed up to the mast and gaff, we have instead arranged for the gaffs to be hauled aloft Western style.  In this way the sails can remain bent onto the spars, allowing the sails to be very easily reefed. With booms on all primary sails, there is no drama when tacking. A generous "crosstrees" platform is placed at the base of each topmast, allowing safe handling of the tops'ls as well.

With robust galvanized steel standing rigging, this is indeed "modern" by local Indonesian standards - the objective being to have good sailing performance and easy handling. For calm spots... the engine is sized for approximately 10.5 to 11 knots under power. The engine is an 830 hp Yanmar - a heavy duty slow turning industrial-strength marine diesel manufactured for the SE Asian market.

Fuel tankage is approximately 30,700 liters. Range under power will be between 1,950 and 2,400 NM (depending on vessel speed).  But having been designed for top performance under sail, range is essentially unlimited.

More Information...?

An interesting article on our work with these vessels appeared in the New York Times, called The Traditional Pinisi - And Then Some.   And Connoisseur's website calls AMANDIRA The Dreamboat of Indonesia.  As an Aman Resorts vessel AMANDIRA will no doubt be appearing often in the yachting press of Asia.

For another taste of what is possible with these craft, please see our 36m Dunia Baru web page where you will find several outstanding as-built images.

If this or a similar Pinisi / luxury sailing yacht is of interest, we offer a thorough design service. Our preference is to take advantage of traditional Indonesian boatbuilding methods to the maximum extent possible, and to bring the structure up to Classification Society standard. We offer our custom design services so that we can modify any of these vessels to suit a variety of requests.

For more information about the design and building process that we recommend please see the following links.  If you would like to start such a project, please inquire.

38m Phinisi AMANDIRA - Kasten Marine Design, Inc. - Photo Courtesy of Jacques Gast
AMANDIRA - Click for Larger Image


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