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36 Meter Wooden


118' Length On Deck

36m Tern Schooner - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
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Perspective Side | Perspective Forward | Perspective Aft | Perspective Astern

Copyright 2007 - 2016 Michael Kasten

This 36 meter wooden sailing yacht is modeled after a privateer schooner. Though it was created for construction in wood, the design makes use of modern lines and modern materials wherever possible. For example, traditional plank on frame wooden construction is combined with steel spars, wire rope rigging, Dacron sails and strong Dacron line. Equipment includes up to date propulsion, air conditioning, and dive gear. In other words a modern yacht in all respects, yet classic traditional with regard to form and styling. The layout provides comfortable accommodations for the owners and their family, with ample room for guests and crew.

Preliminary particulars are:


The Interior Layout

The interior layout is optimized for use as a personal yacht for owner and family. Comfort and privacy have been primary goals, therefore the interior is open and un-crowded.

36m Tern Schooner Layout
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Aft of the forepeak there are two crew cabins separated by a lengthwise bulkhead on center. Aft of the crew cabins are a crew head and shower to starb'd and a laundry room to port.

Aft of the crew area is the galley which opens into the dining area to starb'd and saloon to port, each of which are quite large. The saloon can seat the entire ship's complement on a sofa that surrounds a low table. Quite a good social area...! To starb'd is a dining room with seating for 10, plus four more at the galley bar / counter.

Aft of the Saloon a hallway leads you aft to the guest and owner suites. Immediately aft of the saloon / dining room is the engine room - actually twin engine rooms to port and starb'd. The central hallway allows access beyond the machinery areas to the lower deck accommodations which include four equal sized suites for guests and family. Each of the guest / family cabin pairs share one large head between them.

Right aft is a large owner's cabin spanning the full width of the vessel, with a 'Kahn' size double berth on center, private en-suite head to port, and full size walk-in closet to starb'd. To port is a small office desk, and to starb'd a dressing table.

36m Tern Schooner Interior Profile
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On Deck

The exterior deck is arranged in three primary regions... the fore deck, the amidships lounge, and the raised after deck.

36m Tern Schooner Deck Plan
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The main socializing area is the aft deck, but there is plenty of space for activities throughout. On the aft end of the aft deck is a big wrap-around sofa / seat / day bed. On center is a raised table, which also functions as a sky light for the owner's cabin below. Just forward of the skylight / table is a Jacuzzi amply sized for a party. When not in use, it is intended to be covered in order to act as a large buffet table. It is also the stage platform for evening entertainment.

At the forward end of the raised aft deck is a raised open steering station / cockpit with a wheel at the forward end. This is positioned to allow excellent visibility all around, as well as an uninterrupted view of the sails.

Amidships, the lounge is at the level of the fore deck. Within is wrap around seating to port and to starb'd. A counter / bar / entertainment center is located right aft against the bulkhead. A winding stairway leads below to the saloon. At the forward end of the deck house is a large chart room / piloting area, and second steering station.

On the fore deck is a full width settee / day bed, a skylight for the galley below, and a seating pod, which is envisioned as being available for crew to have a nice spot on deck as well, or just as a retreat for anyone from the primary activities that will for the most part occur on the after deck.

At the extreme forward end of the fore deck is a raised deck having a scuttle / doorway leading down into the forepeak / bosun's locker.

Structure, Power, Range, etc...

This yacht makes excellent use of a traditional plank on frame structure, with scantlings according to classification society standards (Germanischer Lloyds).

The spars will be built will all steel pipe and tube, allowing the masts to be taller than would be possible with timber, much stronger, and equally light in weight. The rig is that of a Tern Schooner. This simply means a schooner with three masts. This was chosen for the sake of keeping the individual sail sizes to a proportion that can be more easily handled, as well as in order to reduce the stresses on the hull and rigging, yet to still be able to achieve a generous sail area.

With the engine power specified (over 1,200 total horsepower) it is anticipated that approximately 14 knots will be possible under power when conditions favor.

Our target range under power is approximately 3,000 to 4,000 nautical miles, depending on speed. For long range under power, vessel speed will be in the neighborhood of 10 knots, for which only one engine will be needed. Being a true sailing vessel, range will is limited primarily by the amount of food and water on board rather than fuel...!

This simple expedient - wind power - will certainly become more important in coming years, even for yachts. In that sense, even though this is an extremely traditional design in every respect, we have kept an eye to the future. Being a true classic, it will never go out of fashion!

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