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27m Dive Charter KLM - Pinisi

27m Kapal Layar Mesin - Pinisi - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
Larger Aft Perspective | Perspective Above | Forward Perspective

Copyright 2016 Michael Kasten


The 30 meter design shown here was developed as a smaller version of the 30 Meter KLM that we developed in 2004, but with a twist... This vessel has a swim deck / dive platform aft...! 

Among the images linked above, we can see that at 27 meters on deck the design is just large enough to carry the two upper decks.  A description of the layout can be found below, including the adaptations we've made that specifically address the needs of dive charters

These vessels are modeled after the traditional Indonesian Kapal Layar Mesin - literally translated as "boat-sail-machine" or more commonly called a "Motor Sailor." In Indonesia they are just called "KLM" or sometimes "Cargo Pinisi." Much of the information below is virtually identical to that provided for our other KLM designs, since they all share the same purpose and the same styling inspiration: i.e. the working KLM types of Indonesia.

For a complete introduction to the history of the traditional Indonesian Pinisi types as well as the relatively newer KLM types, please see our Pinisi History web page.

The Traditional Kapal Layar Mesin...

These craft are very common throughout Indonesian waters, and are used as cargo vessels. They are built nearly everywhere in Indonesia in one form or another, and in sizes ranging from 25 meters to over 50 meters. The KLM are in fact the "semi-trucks" of the Indonesian archipelago, just as the sailing Pinisi had been before them.

The KLM are heavily based on the older sailing types of Pinisi (also spelled Phinisi) - so much so that the KLM are often called Pinisi. The KLM bow is identical to the older sailing vessels - complete with the sailing Pinisi foremast, standing-gaff sail, gaff tops'l, jib sails and bowsprit. From amidships aft though, the KLM differ from the sailing Pinisi altogether.

Aft, the sailing Pinisi traditionally have a pointed stern and a narrow overhanging aft deck like that on our 38m Sailing Pinisi AMANDIRA.  By contrast, KLM hulls have a "motor vessel" stern. In other words the KLM stern is wide and the "run" aft is straight and relatively flat. We would refer to this as having a "counter-stern" with a transom at the end.

Along with the broad stern, the KLM usually have an overhanging aft deck - a very common feature among indigenous craft in Indonesia.  Located well aft of amidships the working KLM usually have a two story superstructure beginning about two thirds of the deck length from the bow, i.e. considerably less long than on the design you see above. On cargo craft, the lower story is at deck level and is used for the galley and crew, while the upper story contains the bridge and captain's quarters. Of course there are many local variations...!

A few photos of traditional KLM types can be found on our Indonesia Pictures web page.

27m KLM Dive Charter Yacht - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
27m Dive Charter KLM - Click for Larger Image

The KLM as a Yacht...?

In order to create a luxury yacht using the traditionally built KLM as inspiration is mainly a matter of sizing and arranging the cabins for their new purpose and refining the hull shape for use as a yacht, rather than as a much more burdensome cargo vessel.

As a bonus, the refined yacht hull shape is much more comfortable in the sea than the boxy cargo hull forms, which have a reputation for having a rather harsh and unkind motion when not deeply laden with cargo. After all, a yacht need only carry a load of fuel, food, passengers, and their water toys.

Our additional goals have been to provide greater strength and longevity of structure than is found among local craft. Our aim in so doing has been to reduce maintenance, to provide a high degree of comfort, improve the performance under power, and to increase the long term safety of the ship. For more information about how we have accomplished such goals with these vessels, please see our Pinisi Building web page.

Comfort and privacy have also been primary goals. Given the overall size, the interior layout is not crowded. Since the vessel will be sailing in the tropics, excellent ventilation has been given the highest priority. Each cabin has a private head and shower and all accommodation spaces are air conditioned.

Ordinarily it is very difficult to get two full stories of accommodations above the main deck and still have a graceful appearance in the resulting vessel. As a result of the modeling I've done, for the most part I think it can be made to work down to around 27 to 30 meters length on deck, more or less as in the images linked here. 

The 27m KLM has the following preliminary dimensions:

27m KLM For Dive Charters - Kasten Marine Design, Inc.
27m Dive Charter Yacht - Click for Larger Image

The Layout...

Using the image above, you can most easily follow the interior walk-through...

BELOW: The layout will have four en-suite guest staterooms below forward.  Forward of those will be a cabin for two stewards to one side and laundry opposite, with a crew head right forward, then the forepeak at the forward end for anchor gear, etc.

Amidships and aft of the guest staterooms is the engine room, arranged the same as on my other phinisi / KLM designs, having a machinery room to each side with bulk fuel tanks below, and an engine room on center that extends full height.  At the aft end of the engine room is a water tight door leading aft to the stairwell and the aft crew cabins and crew lounge.

ON DECK:  Right aft is a boarding stage / swim deck / dive platform - a distinguishing feature unique to this design.  The swim deck allows easy access to and from the water and to the dive / shore boats, as well as providing a convenient means to board the vessel when moored stern-to a dock or quay.

Stepping up to the main deck, starting aft there is an open deck that will have a central table with bench seats on each side.  Outboard will be additional bench seats with storage below.  Inside the aft end of the deck house is a spacious open galley.  Forward of the galley is a double cabin to one side for the guide and dive master, or for the cook and assistant.  Opposite that cabin is the main athwartships stairwell.  Forward of the stairwell is a large lounge / dining room / media room having an all-around view. 

Forward of the main deck house is an open fore deck, with one or more seating pods and a pair of dive kiosks forward to contain tanks and dive gear.   With this arrangement, entertaining can take place outside where most tropical living takes place anyway.

UPPER DECK:  On the top deck, starting aft there is an open ‘veranda’ deck, then inside the deck house is a large VIP cabin with en-suite head and shower.   Forward of the VIP suite is the stairwell to one side, and opposite that is a double cabin for the captain.  At the forward end of the deck house is the bridge.  Forward of the bridge is a ‘promenade’ deck having ample seating with a good view, and a ladder leading down to the fore deck.

The interior could of course be arranged differently, for example to dedicate part of the main deck house to an enclosed dive shop. There are several options, but the above described interior layout has proven to work well on our other Pinisi / KLM designs.

In total, there is sufficient accommodation space for a ship's complement of two owners (the top deck VIP suite), plus eight guests, a cook, cook's assistant, captain, mate, engineer, second engineer, dive master, dive assistant / guide, two deck hands / boat drivers, and two stewards. This amounts to around 12 crew, which achieves a 1:1 balance of crew to guests - a good ratio for chartering in Indonesia.

For private use there may not need to be such a large crew, although if you wish to be thoroughly pampered... you can be!

More Information...

An interesting article on our work with these vessels appeared in the New York Times, called The Traditional Pinisi - And Then Some.  For a taste of what is possible with these craft, please see our 36m Dunia Baru web page where you will find several outstanding as-built images.

Many articles about our Pinisi / KLM designs have appeared in the Yachting press, and certainly many more will follow...   Connoisseur's website which calls AMANDIRA The Dreamboat of Indonesia.  Aman Resorts features the AMANDIRA as its flag ship... 

If this or a similar Pinisi / luxury sailing yacht is of interest, we can adapt any of these designs to change the size or to modify the layout as needed.    Our preference is to take advantage of traditional methods to the maximum extent possible, but to bring the design and construction up to classification society standards with regard to structure, safety and stability.  We offer our local knowledge and a thorough design service from concept to launch.

For complete information about our work with these vessels please see the following links, or for more information please inquire.

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