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26 Meter Charter Junk

Lady Destiny

85' Length On Deck

Lady Destiny - A 25m Sailing Junk
Perspective Forward | Perspective Aft | Perspective Above Aft
Rig Perspective Aft | Rig Perspective Fwd

Copyright 2011 Michael Kasten


The sailing vessel shown here is 26 meters long on deck (85'), and intended for all steel construction. With full displacement, there is quite a lot of room inside and on deck. This is a smaller sister to the much larger 55 meter (180') Lady Destiny prototype, and except for its size and accommodations, the following description is much the same as for the larger vessel.

The inspiration for this vessel is drawn from two cultures: Indonesian and Chinese, both having a long maritime history.

The hull form is inspired by the traditional Indonesian 'kapal layar mesin' types - the present-day wooden cargo vessels which can be seen throughout Indonesia, and very much along the lines of the KLM-Yachts that we have developed for construction in wood. In the case of the Lady Destiny shown above, we can see however that the stem is more upright, the hull is multi-chine for ease of construction, there are four junk rigged masts, and the keel has greater depth for the sake of improved sailing performance.

The Junk Rig is strictly that of a Chinese sailing junk. The more upright stem profile is also a styling queue taken from traditional Chinese junks and from the Lorcha of the region around Macau.

Preliminary dimensions are:

Lady Destiny

Although the aesthetics, the rig, and the hull form of the Lady Destiny are highly traditional, we have taken advantage of modern technology wherever possible in order to provide a vessel of the greatest strength and seaworthiness. For example, we have specified that the construction be all steel, primarily in order to achieve a vastly lighter, stronger and more durable structure as compared to wood. The masts as well are tubular steel, for high strength, light weight, and extreme ruggedness.

The purpose of this vessel is that of expeditionary sailing with an extended family or with charter guests on voyages of adventure and discovery. Comfort and privacy have been our primary goals throughout. Given the overall size, even with all the amenities the interior layout is not at all crowded.

Given that the vessel could be sailing anywhere from the tropics to the arctic the priorities are directed toward creature comforts... In terms of climate control, they include maximum insulation, heat pump technology and excellent ventilation throughout. In terms of creature comforts, each cabin is its own private 'apartment' with head, shower, desk, entertainment, and service provided by the crew.

Interior Layout

Using the images above as a guide, a walk-through of the interior is as follows:

Right forward is a generous fo'c's'l to house the fenders, lines, spare anchors... basically the ship's bosun's locker. Aft of the forward bulkhead below, a luxury master suite plus four luxury guest suites have been provided, each with en-suite head and shower. Ample fuel and water tankage is located below the main sole.

Aft of the accommodation spaces below is a large engine room (aft of amidships), with a machinery room on either side having fuel tanks below. Right aft below is a crew space which can accommodate four to six crew members.

On deck forward is a wide open fore deck, planned for seating at a built-in long table. Amidships on deck begins the deck house, with a pilot space / wheel house right forward. Aft of that is a captain's cabin to starb'd and a day head to port. Aft of that is the ship's galley, and right aft in the deck house is a large lounge space with table and sofas available to all for viewing and entertaining. On the aft deck is planned a large day-bed right aft..

More Information...?

If the Lady Destiny or a similar luxury expeditionary yacht for family voyaging or luxury charters is of interest, we offer a thorough custom design service. We can modify this design or create a new design to suit a variety of requests. As an example of this kind of possibility, please see the much larger 55m Lady Destiny prototype (180'), also junk rigged but with four masts.

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